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[Vol. 4] Listening to the First Time Exhibitors’ Voices –Overseas Exhibitors Part 1-

It’s been extremely hot in Japan... and IOFT 2010 is already & only
3 months ahead! I am glad to announce you that very very attractive
Japanese and overseas exhibitors will participate for IOFT 2010.

This time, we will feature 2 exhibitors from Germany!
IOFT2010 is a first time for them to exhibit!

Mr. Marcus Reiss,
CEO and Designer of MunicEyeWear (Germany)
Ms. Uta Geyer,
Owner of The Lunettes Kollektion (Germany)

Chiharu (PR, IOFT Show Management):
First of all, could you briefly explain about your company and brand?

Mr. Reiss (MunicEyeWear):
OK... 19 years ago, I founded MunicEyeWear because I wanted
modern eyewear that would accessorize today's look. The first
models were exhibited in 1991 at the Optical show in Cologne.
After this enormous success, I confirmed my plan to market my
own models to exclusive opticians from my home city of Munich.

In this way, the MunicEyeWear label was born.

Over the years, new staff joined the team, the international network
has continuously expanded and the collection grew larger.
MunicEyeWear is headquartered in Munich and available at
over 3,000 fine optical stores in more than 30 countries worldwide.
Today, I would say MunicEyeWear is an internationally successful
company with a worldwide distribution.

[Left: Mr. Riess]
Also, let me introduce myself as
a designer of MunicEyeWear.
As the son of an old-established
Munich family of opticians, I was always surrounded by the concept of glasses. With my love of drawing, my innate creativity and my qualification at the College of Master Opticians, I turned it into a career: becoming a glasses designer with my own label. I love fashion and contemporary lifestyle. You can feel my spirit and intention not only in the company's leadership but also in the different themes of the collections.

Thank you. I can feel very strong passion from you. Well, how about you, Ms. Geyer?

Ms. Geyer (The Lunettes Kollektion):

[Ms. Geyer]

Since 4 years ago, the Lunettes Stores in Berlin selling unworn 20th century vintage eyewear have been an institution for vintage lovers and collectors. The vintage original collections are a must-have for the fashion avant-garde and often an inspiration to eyewear designers.

‘The Lunettes Kollektion’ is the two stores’ own-brand and mainly inspired by vintage eyewear. Shapes and designs are referencing vintage frames and are also influenced by the typical and very individual urban subculture look that defines the Berlin style. Ultimately, we will show sophisticated and time- less vintage-inspired eyewear with a twist. The in-house designs are carefully produced by small family-run factories in Italy, using a traditional way of frame production. We only work with cut-out acetate rather than molds, and sometimes vintage acetate, which we find more interesting and delicate in color and pattern than contemporary acetate. We use traditional rivet hinges and trims where possible, and no glue. All frames come in exclusive and stylish packaging provided traditional Berlin-based company and inspired by their soap and chocolate boxes of the roaring 1920’s.

Thank you, Ms. Gayer. Let’s move on to the next question. Could you tell me why you decided to exhibit IOFT and/or your expectation towards it?

Mr. Reiss (MunicEyeWear):
I don’t know any city in the world, where you can find so many fashionable and extremely crazy people like in Tokyo. These people love to ‘absorb’ new fashion trends and to transfer them in their daily lives. What you see in Milan, Paris or New York only at the Catwalk, is here in Tokyo normal daily outfit.

In 2007, I was awarded in my favorite city Tokyo with the ‘Eyewear of the Year’ award in the Sunglasses & Sports Glasses Category, and in 2008, we won in the 3 categories!: Men’s Category –Grand Prix, and Women’s Category, and Functions & Technologies Categories. It definitely made me incredibly proud. So, my expectation to IOFT 2010 is to show as many fashionable people as possible our fantastic collections!

Ms. Geyer (The Lunettes Kollektion):
For us, we value the high level of quality and design at IOFT.

Most interesting eyewear brands will be showcasing here and we are proud to have the chance to represent ourselves alongside them. Therefore, we would like to meet opticians from all over the world who share our passion for vintage eyewear, individual design with a twist and excellent craftsmanship.

We would also like to meet buyers from fashion stores and concept stores since we regard eyewear as a crucial accessory like a hat, a nice handbag or jewellery. Glasses and sunglasses should be a part of the product line in good fashion stores and not only be presented at opticians.

I see. You have totally different perspectives and expectations, and they’re very interesting.
Could you briefly introduce your push collection or frame?

Mr. Reiss (MunicEyeWear):
The credo of our collection is ‘in synch with fashion’. Eye glasses should fit as perfectly as shoes, a handbag and a belt fit an outfit. Also, variety is our strength – different styles packed into different concepts. What could be more different than our three collections, ‘munic’, ‘MunicEyeWear’ and ‘Art for Eyes?’ I will introduce each collection since they have very unique characteristics.

I will introduce ‘munic’ first. ‘munic’ collectioin is the ‘Twin-Style’ collection. They are identical, but different. We have developed a unique design concept Twin Style. It has one design – two frames – two materials. The result is an appealing sales-concept for the exclusive optician and a striking new shopping experience for a sophisticated customer, going beyond the mere technical function of the frames.With this innovative design-idea, the optician will now be able to offer his customer a 100% alternative to his preferred frame – a Twin! These frames are identical in design, size and fitting, but these are different in style and expression.

The second collection is ‘MunicEyeWear.’ ‘MunicEyeWear’ is the men’s collection. It got masculine, reduced, cool, trendy and casual touch. MunicEyeWear focuses this year ‘the Retro trend.’ More and more people love retro – I am inspirited by the old films of the dream factory and up to date with his fashionable retro glasses. With these glasses it is possible, to look both, intellectually and cool.

[ART for EYES]

Finally, I will introduce ‘ART for EYES,’ which is the women’s collections, and got feminine, colorful, sexy, sensual and stylish touch. The small difference between women and men is not to deny. Nevertheless are unisex collections usual in the eyewear industry. I would say, "Men would never wear a blouse, because it simply does not fit well. Glasses need to fit the anatomy of the face and this is different at the sexes." It is correct, right? Therefore, I came up with this consequence. ART for EYES is a collection only for women. With the term "Smart Easiness" the designer brings the style of the collection to the point. The glasses should make a woman more beautiful, young and sexy and underline their femininity.
The more people resemble each other in style and look, the more they quest for individuality. The optical frames of MUNIC EYE WEAR express individuality, style and pure understatement.

Ms. Geyer (The Lunettes Kollektion):
Simply, I recommend the frame called ‘9to5.’

It’s a quite a big frame inspired by the look of the oversized 80’s horn rims. We tried not to make it look too ‘nerdy’ by following a very slick and cool line which has a bit more of the coolness of the early 90’s. The translucent brownish color adds a fresh look and takes away the slightly uptight and intellectual attitude of typical Havana-colored horn rims.

Therefore, the frame appears more contemporary and cosmopolitan and never too oversized. It is amazing how this unisex frame suits men and women at the same time and we welcome everybody to come by and try it on! I look forward to seeing you in October in Tokyo! It also would be great if you could visit our shops in Berlin!
Lunettes Brillenagentur (Shop in Berlin)

Thank you Mr. Riess & Mr. Gayer! I look forward to meeting both of you at IOFT 2010!

[Editor’s Note]
We featured two overseas exhibitors from Germany. Even though they are both from Germany, it was quite interesting to see they have totally different concepts. Also, I am very glad to hear that both of them evaluate Japan and IOFT favorably!! 
I will feature more and more wonderful news for you!
Stay tuned with us!

Written & Edited by Chiharu Nishiura, Int'l PR, IOFT Show Management

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