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[Vol.3] Introducing the Highlights of the First Time Exhibitor in IOFT 2010

Up until the last edition, we featured IOFT 2009 post-show reports.

From this issue, we will feature pre-show reports on IOFT 2010,
such as; exhibitors’ exciting info and highlights of IOFT 2010.
We will update fruitful information about IOFT 2010!

For the first edition of IOFT 2010..., we welcomed two of
the first time exhibitors in IOFT2010: Mr. Tokio Saito from
ATTRACT LTD. and Mr. Kazunori Imasaka from GATEARROWS INC.

Let’s begin the interview with Mr. Saito from ATTRACT, first.

Chiharu (IOFT Show Management):
Could you briefly explain about your company?

Mr. Saito (ATTRACT Ltd.):
You know what ‘ATTRACT’ means; ‘to draw by appeal’ and/or ‘to pull or draw toward oneself or itself.’ We thought that we wanted to fascinate and excite not only customers but also ourselves by designing eyewear and creating branding strategies. We launched our company by putting ‘Attract’ as our cooperate philosophy.

Creating Attractive Objects and Things

This is an important key-phrase for all of our activities.

I see... Just by listening to the origin of your cooperate name,
I get so excited, and imagine ‘then, what you have actually??
I want to see your frames!’ Well, could you introduce us your line-ups?

Mr. Saito:
OK. I will introduce our first eyewear brand ‘Lucky Star,’
which very famous photographer Ms. Mika Ninagawa produces.

For 2010 S/S Collection from Lucky Star, her artworks are
vividly depicted on eyewear, and I am sure they’ll pull out
charms and casualness hidden inside of women.
Among them, I want to pick ‘Twin Heart.’ The frame has
little holes on the temple line, and you can see through
new and attractive touch of graphical photo. Also, there are
some hidden twists and techniques on nose pad and
easy fit for women’s face.

Oh wow! THAT Ms. Mika Ninagawa? Her artworks are very attractive!
The use of vivid colorings are so beautiful, and we are unconsciously
drawn into her world. I believe those eyewear will bewitch
women’s allure many times when they wear them...I am sure
they should be definitely ‘attractive’ eyewear.

Mr. Saito:
To tell the truth, they are not sold yet, and will be on sale
at shops throughout Japan from the beginning of June.

But it means you can definitely make it until IOFT 2010?
I can see them on site! How exciting!

Mr. Saito:
Year 2010 is the 1st year for Attract Ltd.
We are purely into eyewear, and want to pursue
and create more beautiful ‘objects and things.’
If you will visit IOFT, we would like you to witness our
‘something-extra and branding strategy.’ And, we will
actively promote to establish great relationship with those who
think ‘I see. They definitely ATTRACT.’
If you are interested, please do not hesitate to stop by our booth.

I am sure numbers of buyers will visit your booth!
Well, finally, could you give a message to IOFT NEWS readers?

Mr. Saito:
I am looking forward to meeting you at our booth in IOFT 2010.
We’re planning to introduce exciting new creativity and cute
expression for new models of Lucky Star IOFT edition.
In addition, we may be able to introduce ‘twist and trick model.’
It’s worth to wait! If you have any questions and concerns
regarding our enterprise and ‘Lucky Star’, please do not hesitate to
contact us! Thank you!

Thank you so much, Mr. Saito! I am looking forward to seeing your frames!

OK. Let’s move on. For the next interview, I will introduce
Mr. Imasaka from GATEARROWS.

Could you explain about your brand briefly?

Mr. Imasaka:
We’ve been handling a brand called ‘Nerocorsa.’
A keyword for Nerocorsa’s new collection is ‘7’.
We release same number of line ups ‘7’ as in the Seven Deadly Sins.
They are sporty, high functional and outrageous figurative arts.
Also, the collections include from bold and high performing items
to stylish and simple ones. ‘Superb Quality’ is the common feature
in all of them.

Well, since each collection has unique concept, I will explain to you.

First one is ‘eye tech line.’ This line forms the Nerocorsa collection.
This one is manufactured with the most premium materials available,
aluminum, magnesium and ceramic. This is appealing and futuristic
design with particular details aimed at increasing the aerodynamic

Second collection name is ‘eye line line.’ The line forms pure and
harmonious cuts. Equipment of technological reference, lenses with
exclusive colors rights and mountings in aluminum treated with
three different procedures, conferring shininess and perception
of unique quality.

Next one is ‘eye pro line.’ This is a Professional line, thought up for
the sporty types, without compromising the essentials for the perfect
fit in eyewear. Fascinating frames with the second generation of
‘Mimesi Photochromic,’ the lenses are all available in interchangeable
with Bio polarized lenses.

The fourth lineup is ‘eye sport line.’ This is a sports line with
impeccable particularities. This line is sought out colors and
qualitative standards of reference for this category.
The details that exalt the important contributions adhere to
every contour of the face.

Next one is ‘eye whim line.’ Line dedicated to ‘the sporty capriccio.’
We carefully selected metallic particularities and colors, which have
the essence of the latest trend. Also, lenses with ample high
protective power are successfully realized in this collection.
Great combination of stiff lines and use of retro materials
orchestrates 'old style’ casually.

The sixth one is ‘eye care line.’ It is an essential and chic line with
distinct markings of Nerocorsa texture. Enwrapping, light weight
and unbreakable, they are constituted from a mono structure
in lightest polycarbonate that guarantees extreme protection
against external agents.

And finally, I will introduce ‘eye r line.’ Line specialty thought up for
who wants to be free. Perfect adhesion, light weight and
total protection against wind and UV rays. The No-Fog filter,
of which the lenses are equipped with, attenuates the annoying
process of inner fogginess.

7 lineups! Each one of them has shining uniqueness...
Among those lineups, what which model will you recommend?

Mr. Imasaka:
I will recommend ‘C1-1.’

This particular frame is ‘object structural type,’ which has
streamline form and light weight. We used the lightest polycarbonate,
and it allows you to wear for any activities. Well, did you know that
Nerocorsa sunglasses are available in 17 countries!?

Oh, great! Well, I would like to know why did you decide to
exhibit in this particular timing. Also, I would like to know
the background story.

Mr. Imasaka:
I thought IOFT is the best place and opportunity for us to
PR our brands. Also, visitors can actually touch and feel
our frames at our booth. Therefore, we decided to exhibit.
Because, top buyers from all over the world are coming to IOFT,
and we felt that is the best charm of IOFT.

We are confident that our wonderful frames will be penetrated
attractively to those top buyers. And, we are very excited to
meet the best partners, whom we think it is very important
to have to satisfy consumers!!

Sunglasses categorized in 7 lineups are easy to go with fashion scene
to sports scene. In the home country Italy, many celebrities such as
Italian Champion of triathlon race, professional golfers and
models wear our frames regularly.

I am certain that our sunglasses will be appealing to Japanese market
since they have been already proven to be appealed to various
industries and generations. So, I am happy if we can establish a good
relationship with wide range of buyers.

I must tell this. We will exhibit 30 kinds of sunglasses at IOFT 2010.

30 sunglasses! I am sure they should be fit to any kind of scenes.
Finally, could you give a message to IOFT NEWS readers?

Mr. Imasaka:
All Nerocorsa sunglasses blocks 100% of UV rays, and excel in stylish design.
Also, our persistence of materials allows light in weight and high intensity.

Depending on your usage, there are some models, which you can
change to polarizing lenses or photo chromic lenses.

You can wear them not only for sports and hobbies, but also for
daily must-have item. I bet our sunglasses are the best on treat
for yourself and/or gift for your loved ones. Unfailingly, you must
keep your eyes on our collections!
I am looking forward to meeting you all at IOFT 2010!

Thank you very much, Mr. Imasaka.

[Editor’s Note]
This time, we featured 2 of the first time exhibitors in IOFT 2010.
I personally felt that this interview was full of very fresh information.
Not only in Japan, but also all over the world, there are more brands,
which combine both high quality and design. At the same time,
new brands are coming into the world rapidly, aren’t they?
But don’t forget, you will get a chance to meet numbers of
those new brands at IOFT, and that is the charm of IOFT!
Don’t say ‘well... we still have enough time until the show date.’
Check various brands from now EAGERLY!

Written and Edited by Chiharu Nishiura, Int'l PR, IOFT Show Management

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