Tuesday, 9 February 2010

[Vol.2] Press Coverage on IOFT 2009

I am so happy to inform you that IOFT NEWS has many readers from all over the world!!

We found out that we have accesses from U.S.A., Canada, France, Italy, Germany, Denmark...all over European nations, and other part of the world such as; Australia, India, South Korea, Taiwan, Malaysia and more...!! We’ll keep posting interesting and fun topics about IOFT and Japanese eyewear market.

Ok...Today, will introduce press coverage on IOFT 2009.

A lot of industrial and general public magazines featured IOFT 2009!!

The number of press registration at IOFT have been increasing in the past few years. Almost all Japanese mass media have visited, and have been transmitting the latest trends to all over Japan! Those coverages have significant impacts on the consumers, and have been attracting them that eyewear can be a spice of fashion. Those mass media helped IOFT to be known as 'a hub of eyewear trend in Asia!!'

Those who are reading this English version of IOFT NEWS, you won’t probably have chance to read the articles on Japanese magazines. Therefore, we will introduce you partial clips today.

Let’s take a look!!

Japanese well-known eyewear magazine “MODE OPTIQUE” featured IOFT 2009 on their 29th edition.

World wide famous designers & owners such as; Ms. Marie Wilkinson from CUTLER AND GROSS, Mr. Robert Marc from ROBERT MARC, Mr. Stefan Flatscher from FREUDENHAUS, and Ms. Elizabeth Faraut from La Loop appear with their special interviews!

Also, there is a huge coverage about all EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR winning products!!

List of featured overseas brands: bevel spectacles, Drawing on Face, götti SWITZERLAND, ISSON EYEWEAR, Lunor, MONOQOOL, ONKEL..... and many more!

On another magazine “EYEWEAR COLLECTION” especially features EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR on vol. 4 issue!

They feature award winners’ interviews, and special interviews of Mr. Jean Francois Rey, J.F. REY, Ms. Aurelia Brenner and Mr. Xavier Derome from DEROME AND BRENNER, and Ms. Marie Wilkinson, CUTLER AND GROSS.

List of featured overseas brands: ic!berlin, THEO, la font, MOSCOT and etc.

A design magazine “REAL DESIGN” featured IOFT 2009 for the second issue in a row on Jan. and Feb. issue.

On Feb. issue, they features EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR, which their editor in chief, Mr. Kuwahara participated as an award committee.

Also, cultural business magazine “NODE,” which mainly focuses on art, features IOFT for the second issue in a row.

On vol. 8, which was issued before IOFT 2009, they informed IOFT 2009.

On vol. 9, they introduce IOFT unde unique theme of “what aesthetic you will see in eyewear.”


Industrial news paper “WWD,” which has many readers in fashion industry, also features IOFT.


[Editor’s Note]

They are only the partial clips of press coverage.
These magazines have been highly attracting not only industry professionals but also consumers. We often witness featured brands become big hits. IOFT is a good path to enter Japanese Market!

See you soon!

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Written and edited by Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management