Tuesday, 19 July 2011

[Vol. 4] Now Accepting Entries! EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY) 2012

Japan is experiencing extreme heat almost everyday...
Is everyone ok?
Don’t be a heat stroke. Please protect yourself from the suffer from the summer heat.

Well, I will introduce very hot news make this summer much HOTTER!

Entries of “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY) 2012” have just began!

EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY)” is one of the industry's leading awards. It selects and honors distinguished new products excel in design and/or function, to be marketed in the upcoming season. We had many applicants last year.

This year, we will welcome new committee members to pursue higher technical standpoint. Also, we finally launched new category “Kids Eyewear”, which we’d been receiving many requests. Well, well....EOY is back with powered up award!

See followings for the further detail of “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR.”

Award Categories
Men's Eyewear Category:
     Men's frames which increase one's attractiveness at all scenes

Ladies' Eyewear
     Ladies' frames which highlight elegance, beauty and charm

Sunglasses & Sports Glasses
     Sunglasses & sporty frames for fashion, sports and driving scenes 
      which excel in design and function

Functions & Technologies
     Frames & sunglasses with innovative technology and/or 
  superiority in function

    Accessories that spice up frames and sunglasses (glass chain, glass holder, case etc.)

Kids Eyewear [NEW]
    Fashionable frames which also excel in function, e.g. durable and 
     flexible, to support children's growth and lives

Screening and Selection
Screening and selection will be conducted by the following EOY Award Committee Members.
3 products, including 1 Grand Prix among them, will be awarded from each category.

      ~ EOY 2012 Award Committee Members (expected)~

Ms. Terumi Hagiwara
Fashion Director



Mr. Keisuke Baba


Mr. Masaru Yoshino
Associate professor,
The Nippon Optometrical College
President, Yoshino Optic.Ltd.

Mr. Tatsuya Wada
Professor, Director of Media Center
Dept. of Product Design
Tama Art University


Mr. Hirokuni Toga
Editorial Director & Editor in Chief of
Men’s CLUB

Ms. Matsuzaki Kaoruko
Editor in Chief of
Mode Optique

Award Ceremony
Award Ceremony will be enthusiastically held during IOFT, with the attendance of Award Committee members, representatives of the winners and the press among other industry professionals. The event highlights the announcement of Grand Prix winners.

Ceremony will be held on: 
October 11 (Tue) 2011 at 1pm –

To Make Entry
      1. Entry Product: New models to be released after Sept. 1, 2011 
        Only finished products are accepted. Any products released before Sept. 1, 2011 will not be selected.

      2. Entry Fee: FREE*
        *All the shipping costs, including fees and taxes, must be completed at participants expense.

      3. Number of Entry: Up to 10 products per company

      4. Entry Categories: Refer to above "Award Categories"

      5. Schedule from Entry to Award Ceremony
      Late June -             Start accepting entry
        If interested, send entry request (click "Entry Request" below.)
        If you are an exhibitor, make entry from Exhibitors Website.
      Aug. 31 (Wed)        Entry registration deadline
      By Sep. 7 (Wed)     Entry product(s) must arrive at Show Management for screening.
      Mid Sept. Screening and selection
        Awardwinning products will be selected.
        Show Management will begin promotion of Awardwinning products.
      Oct. 11 (Tue)          EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY) Award Ceremony
        Grand Prix for each category will be announced during the ceremony.

      The latest information about EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR will be updated on official HP!!

Written & Edited by Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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