Monday, 20 June 2011

[Vol.3] Cheer up Japan! The voices from buyers in earthquake-affected area.

As you know, a strong earthquake, the Great East Japan Earthquake, struck north-east coast of Japan on March 11, 2011.

We wish to convey our deepest condolences for the victims of the earthquake and sincerely hope that the afflicted areas can recover as quickly as possible. Even 3 months after the incident, our hearts have been hurting badly about the devastating situation caused by the earthquake and tsunami.

On the other hand, the Show Management has been receiving numbers of voices from buyers in damaged area who sincerely hope that IOFT will be held as scheduled to overcome this situation.

Let us kindly introduce some of their voices and our attitude toward holding the show.

First, we will introduce voices from buyers in affected area.

 ■ "We need to restore our shop to its original condition as soon as possible.It means we have to purchase attractive and great products at IOFT. I hope IOFT to be held as scheduled.”              -MEGANENO KOFUKU DO, Fukushima-

■“Fortunately, our shop was safe. However, our neighborhoods have suffered great damage. Now, we’re distributing glasses to the earthquake victims for free. In times like these, we all hope that IOFT will be held as scheduled to revitalize the economy."      
                                           -MEGANE NO MATUDA, Iwate-
■“Because of the earthquake disaster, we have moved to the new office which is under repair now. However, it will be done after the middle of May. Thefore, we must visit IOFT to stock products!"   -MEGANE HOCHOKI NO UCHIYAMA, Ibaraki-

■ “We have faced some problems such as goods in short supply and gas leak, but the situation has calmed down gradually. Of course, we will visit IOFT the same as always. We hope IOFT will inspire the optical industry.”  
                                       -MEGANE-NO-SUISYO-DO, Iwate-
■ “We weren’t able to use gas and water for 2 weeks after the earthquake. But finally they are restored. We’d like to visit IOFT and see lots of glasses from all over the world to cheer us up."                    -OBARA MEGANE, Fukushima-

■ “We believe consumers don’t lose their buying intention in any situation. Therefore, we are expecting IOFT to be held splendidly and we will visit IOFT, for sure.”                                  -SENDAI MITSUKOSHI, Miyagi- 

■ “Although we have problem with nuclear power station, glasses are the necessities of life and the problem has no influence on our business activities. So, we will visit IOFT for the entire three days as every year.” 
                                       -Luxcrer ISHIZAWA, Fukushima-
■"Our shop was broken into fragments. But it’s restored now. Recently, we seem to have attracted customers little by little. Therefore we will visit the show as usual."                         -Kurosawa Optical Co., LTD, Ibaraki-

■"We managed to resume our all shops, although we suffered a serious damage. As usual, we will visit IOFT to purchase our new eyewear stocks."
                                                -MITO KEISEI Co., LTD-

■"We had little damage, since our shop is located in inland of Japan. The port of Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture has been recovering its function. I’ll come to the show as usual, so I’d like to have VIP Card from the show management."
                                  -MEGANE NO MATSUHASHI, Aomori-
■"Liquefaction because of the earthquake has stopped the supply of water for 1 month. However, Tokyo Disney Land has finally reopened and consequently we expect that people will return again soon. We believe now is the time to advertise Japanese glasses to the world more!"
                                    -URBAN selection-IKSPIARI, Chiba-
■" We believe that we must strive to recover the situation caused by the earthquake all together. We’re turning our expectations towards IOFT as a  symbol of the optical industry."                      -POKER FACE-SENDAI, Miyagi-

■"In order to contribute to reconstruction of local area, we’ll visit IOFT to buy products. We hope IOFT will be held grandly without self-restraint."
                                                   -Optik Shimizu. Inc.-

We’re feeling tense and encouraged by receiving these voices from affected area. At same time, I’m ashamed of myself that I felt down at the moment when I heard about the devastating situation in that area."
We have heard that some people from optical industry have delivered reading glasses to affected area and visit retail stores in the area from door to door.

After hearing those stories, the Show Management considered what we can do for the damaged area, earthquake-victims and also for the optical industry.

As a result, we came to conclusion that what we can do is holding the show grandly as scheduled.
Now, we are getting ready for IOFT, believing that holding the show livelier as ever and having great success on October would be helpful to activate the industry and to overcome the situation.

Hope you will enjoy the show as always and please support us to spice up the show together with us!
It’s time to take action!
Cheer up Japan!!

Written & Edited by Haruka Miyata, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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