Thursday, 2 June 2011

[vol.2] "IOFT 2010 was featured by various media and the press!"

Hello, this is Haruka from IOFT Show Management.

It’s already June! It seems like the last IOFT was just over
some days ago.
Well, during the show, reporters from various media such as TV stations, fashion magazines, and industrial magazines visited there to cover the show.
I suppose some of you surely saw them on the site.

The articles or reports on IOFT successively appeared on their magazines and TV Shows from Nov, 2010 until Feb, 2011.
Today, We will introduce partial clips mainly from magazines and website.

Let’s start with magazine.


Japanese fashionable eyewear magazine “MODE OPTIQUE” featured a huge coverage of IOFT 2010 for about 20 pages.

A lot of stylish frames were featured.

       MEGANE COLLECTION -vol.8-

Another Magazine “MEGANE COLLECTION” featured winning products of Design Award for New Eyewear Products and “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR” with the winner’s interviews.


MEN’S CLUB  -The 600th Anniversary Issue-

Japanese well-known men’s fashion magazine “MEN’S CLUB” introduced eyewear which was exhibited at IOFT 2010, especially what is called "SINGLE MAN SQUARE”.
I’m sure you already know the chief editor Mr.Toga is a member of the “EYEWAEAR OF THE YEAR” award committee and he reported IOFT 2010 on his “TOGABLO”, too.


Men’s Brand -Issue of Dec, 2010- ◆

“EYE WEAR OF THE YEAR” greatly appeared also in the the men’s fashion magazine “Men’s Brand”.

  Also, there was eyewear with special function and design that attracts men’s attention!

◆ WWD -Issue of Nov 8, 2010- ◆

“WWD” is a magazine that has many readers in fashion industry.
They reported the whole show, especially winning products of “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR”.

Then, let’s have a look at clips from website.

Number of articles featuring IOFT on websites has increased recently as the internet has been popularized.

◆ livedoor HOMME -Issue of Nov 7,2010- ◆

They featured “ Lunettes Kollektion“ which won the Grand Prix in the men’s category of the “EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR“!

◆ CARSTYLING -Issue of Oct 25, 2010- ◆

They released a report on IOFT 2010 on their official blog.
Its contents were very substantial and the show was highlighted.

◆  Pen Select  -Issue of Oct 15, 2010- ◆

“Pen Select“is a web-shop managed by a magazine “Pen”.
It introduces a great variety of eyewear products with high quality and design, attracting the grown-ups who have good taste.

A winner of Sunglasses & Sports Glasses Category “CASAL” was featured in the fashion-gallery on the website.

[Editor's Note]
We prepared for IOFT 2010, hoping that IOFT would be covered by various media so that consumers love eyewear more.
As a result, a lot of reporters visited and covered the show.

This time, We introduced the clips of press coverage partially. As a lot of fashionable eyewear from all over the world was exhibited at IOFT, the show was greatly featured by various media.
At the upcoming show, IOFT 2011, more fashionable and multifunctional eyewear will be all present!

We, the IOFT Show Management, will do our best also in PR activities to offer consumers more opportunities to meet new eyewear.

Stay tuned with us!

Written & Edited by Haruka Miyata, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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