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[Vol.1] The voices from first-time exhibitors from overseas - Lunettes Kollektion & Framers -

We wish to convey our deepest condolences for the Victims of the Great East Japan Earthquake,
We sincerely hope that the afflicted areas can realize a quick recovery.

IOFT NEWS 2011 starts today!
We will try to make this blog more beneficial and hope you will enjoy it as you did in 2010.

As you know, we welcomed lots of new brands from overseas last year and they attracted a great deal of attention on the site as well as at the Concurrent Events including EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR (EOY) Ceremony.

Then, let’s get started with the first topic, interviews with two of the first time exhibitors from Germany who exhibited brilliant products of IOFT 2010.
Ms. Uta Geyer, Creative Director, Lunettes Kollektion 

Mr. Mattias Busche, Earl of Eyewear, Framers
First, I would like to introduce Lunettes Kollektion.

Interviewer: Chiharu, PR Department at IOFT Show Management

Chiharu (IOFT):
Thank you for exhibiting at IOFT 2010 and sharing a story with us.
I heard it was the first time for you to exhibit at IOFT and you had a great outcome.

                                        - Ms.Geyer -

Ms. Geyer (Lunettes Kollektion):
Yes, that’s right. We won a grand award of the Men’s category of EYEWEAR OF THE YEAR and thanks to that, lots of buyers visited our booth. Besides, the press, not only from Japan but also from Asia and Europe covered our story during the show period.

Good to hear that! I know many media picked up your products and I myself saw articles about Lunettes Kollektion many times after the show.
Also, thanks for sharing pictures of your booth. Your booth had awesome atmosphere.

                     -Lunettes Kollektion's booth at IOFT -

Ms. Geyer:
Thank you very much!

By the way, did you make any promotion before the exhibition?

Ms. Geyer:
Yes, we did. We extensively put exhibiting information on our official website.
We thought people who are interested in our brand would definitely check out our website first.
To attract those people, we made an announcement on our web that we would exhibit.

I see. Did your impression on IOFT change after exhibiting?

Ms. Geyer:
To be frank, IOFT was bigger than I expected.
Before exhibiting IOFT, I had an impression that everything regarding IOFT including scale of site and business might be quite small.
However, my impression has totally changed after visiting Japan and exhibiting at IOFT.
Above all, I was really impressed with the high quality of the trade show. I saw a lot of business meetings and buyers with eagerness in booths on the site. It was amazing!
Also, buyers were not only from Japan but also from other Asian countries.
I think we had a great outcome owing to it.
So, I really would like to share our fantastic experience with those who really don’t know about IOFT.

I’m happy to hear that!

Ms Geyer:
We would surely love to come back in October to exhibit at IOFT 2011, since IOFT is the best show I’ve ever experienced.

I’m looking forward to meeting you at IOFT 2011.  
Thank you for your cooperation!

Lunettes Kollektion’s first exhibit at IOFT brought fruitful results.
I hope her story will definitely excite new exhibitors.

Then, let’s move on. For the next interview, I’d like to introduce Mr. Mattias Busche from Framers.

                            -Mr. Busche (right side)-

Your booth was also outstanding on the site as Lunettes Kollektion.
What was your impression of IOFT? It was also the first time to exhibit, wasn’t it?

Mr. Busche (Framers):
Yes, we exhibited new sunglasses collection named “Kotti” at IOFT 2010. Each name of models comes from the famous place in Berlin.
I was very excited to be there, because I didn’t know how the collection catches Japanese opticians. Especially, it was our first exhibit with a brand-new collection.
Moreover, I was excited to come in touch with Japanese culture and to see how to develop our business in Japan, because I’ve never visited Japan.
After opening the exhibition, however, our subtle anxiety has completely disappeared.

That means you got a great outcome, didn’t you?

Mr. Busche:
Many Japanese buyers visited our booth. But not only that, buyers from South Korea, China, Hong Kong and Australia came to meet us as well. Above all, we hit it off with new customers from Japan and Australia, as the Framers Collection and its philosophy perfectly match what they’re looking for.
Now I remember, many opticians called the collection “kawaii (it means “lovely” in Japanese).
I think that was the best complement Framers could receive.

Wow, that’s awesome!

Mr. Busche:
We could fully prepared for IOFT and concentrate on business negotiations during the entire show period, because after deciding to exhibit at IOFT, IOFT staffs always supported and helped us to arrange everything including booth design and so on.
That’s why we‘ve never worried about the preparation for Exhibition.

                            - Invitation ticket for IOFT -
                            -  Framers's booth at IOFT -

Thank you! I will tell your message to my colleagues in charge.
They must be happy to hear that.

Mr. Busche:
For IOFT 2011, we’re ready to exhibit niche products with special designed and even higher quality.
Don’t miss them and have a special experience with them.

Wow, I’m so excited from now on.
Thank you, Mr.Busche! See you in October.
Every Year, many exhibitors make their debut on IOFT and establish a strong presence and impact in Japanese and Asian market.

For the first edition, we featured two of the new German exhibitors at IOFT 2010.
Both got far better results than they expected. It was the first time for them to exhibit at IOFT though.
I think those were sensational debut in Japanese market.
Also in 2011, they are going to exhibit at IOFT, making their products more attractive.
Can’t wait to see them!
I believe many buyers are also looking forward to seeing such new brands.

Then, we will update fruitful information about IOFT 2011 so that we can offer you lots of opportunities to meet new brands and potential buyers on the site.
Hope you will like it!

Written by: Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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