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[Vol.9] Voices from New Exhibitors inside France and Italy Pavilion ~KARAVAN Productions & ESTYL~

I feel autumn has finally come...It had been extremely hot summer in Japan...BUT! Show Management office is still hot like a summer day! We’ve been working on final preparation. Everyday, we’ve been receiving very enthusiastic inquiries!

Well, this time, we will feature 2 exhibitors inside France Pavilion and Italy Pavilion.

Ms. Manuelle Le Merlus,
Optician and Business Development Manager,



Chiharu (IOFT Show Management):
I’ve heard everyone knows your company in France. Could you explain briefly about your company and its history?

Ms. Le Merlus (KARAVAN):
The company was created in 1966 by Mr Jean Lempereur, optician, to offer to his customers exceptional optical frames with specific and aesthetic specifications. The first frames made with tortoise shell, wood and horn were born in Normandy !

The handcraft know-how and the products quality give the company the chance to have a quick development. In the 80’s, many prestigious Parisian houses entrust their glasses development to Mr Lempereur. They worked together to develop their collections: Sonia Rykiel, Yves Saint Laurent, Lancel, Marie Claire, etc.

In 1990, launch of the KARAVAN Collection. Stainless steel material becomes as a standard, it is a real technological innovation in the glasses sector. The Kids and Teenagers collections follow. The manufacturing quality and the conception ingenuity of its models were noticed by the whole profession and the company was nominated three times for the Silmo d’Or.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Wow! You had worked with number of world famous brands!! I believe it happened because of the highest quality.

Ms. Le Merlus (KARAVAN):
We have a strong presence in France, in Europe and in North America and we would like to develop our activity on the Japanese market. Therefore, we decided to exhibit IOFT 2010. We are looking for our new business partners to set up a strong and trustworthy relationship as we are doing with our current business partners for more than 15 years.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Japanese people are very conscious about styles, which each product has. At the same time, we are also conscious about its quality. Therefore, since your eyewear satisfies these two features, I believe they are suitable to Japanese market. I hope you can find the best partner during IOFT.

Ms. Le Merlus (KARAVAN):
We do think that it is the most appropriate way to meet the right persons from the Asian market. Furthermore, thanks to UbiFrance, many French designers are present and it helps customers to better identify the French know how and style. For us, it is very important as we design and manufacture our whole KARAVAN collection in our company located in Evreux in Normandy.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Certainly...Even though exhibitors inside France Pavilions are all from same country, I am sure each one of you has different colors and styles. We can easily witness the difference just by visiting France Pavilion, can’t we?

Ms. Le Merlus (KARAVAN):
Yes. Then, let me introduce our eyewear born in Evreux in Normandy.

First, I will show you model name 4016.


Female style with soft and harmonious lines. Its design lightness and its technical qualities are its main characteristics: stainless steel material and gum endtips.

And 5470.

Contemporary and structured shape, stainless steel and acetate temples. Milled temples give the frame a very dynamic line.

Next model is 5449.

Pure design and « diapason » endtips for this KARAVAN creation. These gum endtips are an exclusive development from KARAVAN Production.

Here comes 7202.

Acetate shape with specific endpiece. The nose design is surprising: you have to wear them to realize! Another KARAVAN exclusivity!

This is a ladies’ model 7206.

Female style in acetate adorned with a specific metal piece.

Finally, I will show you two frames LINEA1 & LINEA2.


Milling process to underline the frame design.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Thank you so much for sharing many models. I feel so sorry that we can check only with pictures now...Definitely, we have to visit your booth and check and test actual ones!

Ms. Le Merlus (KARAVAN):
Please! We would like to meet traditional opticians who love beautiful products, buyers of optical chains who would like to point out a French manufactured collection. Our frames are very unique, which are born from combination with handicraft and advanced technology. Please come to see our booth inside France Pavilion!

Chiharu (IOFT):
Thank you very much, Ms. Merlus!! I would love to visit and check your eyewear!

OK. Following KARAVAN PRODUCTIONS, let me introduce ESTYL from Italy. We welcomed Ms. Sara Erba, Sales Manager of ESTYL.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Could you briefly introduce about ESTYL?

Ms. Erba (ESTYL):
ESTYL is a dream which over 40 years has gradually become a reality. ESTYL is a company with a European outlook, the result of a succession of choices and moments of solid growth and creative insight. The first of these moments was the choice of cellulose acetate-Rhodoid-sheet, silk, buffalo horn and wood as the main high-quality materials, an expression of color and style, backed up by its exceptional structural quality. The philosophy which drives ESTYL is clear: the system of production must express three values: high productivity, very high quality control and extreme precision. The product will also have three fold merits: high intrinsic quality, a cost kept at levels which will allow large sales and high reliability.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Clear and strong philosophy & merits supports your company’s growth. From your story, I assume basic yet very solid production is your characteristics, isn’t it?

Ms. Erba (ESTYL):
Yes, it is. I think it is easier to show what we will exhibit than explaining by words. Let see...we will exhibit these.

[Legno Naturale]

[Corno Naturale]

Each product contains within itself all the qualities of its maker. This has been true from the first prehistoric artifacts to the most sophisticated satellites. Intelligence, strength, resistance, reliability and style are the ESTYL qualities displayed by the final product. The high quality primary material is the first solid support for the whole working cycle. In making Esytl spectacles and gift nothing has been left to chance: quality tests take place each stage of the production of each indivudual piece. “Advanced technology but also the craftsman’s hand in the details of finishing”.

Chiharu (IOFT):
I’ve heard there are more than hundreds of processes for eyewear production, and your company does test in each stage...I am so impressed that the hard effort your company makes.

Ms. Erba (ESTYL):
Therefore, we can deliver great eyewear to the world. We would like to meet new customers in Japan and propose all our products that we think could meet this market needing. Also we are very interested in meet new cultural point of view about frames and sunglasses.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Overseas exhibitors say that they’re looking forward to communicating with Japanese buyers and other exhibitors since they can get new insights etc...

Ms. Erba (ESTYL):
I am very looking forward to going to Japan and meeting new buyers. Come to visit us to IOFT, and discover our products & our fine and fresh Italian touch!

Chiharu (IOFT):
Now, I really want to see actual products!! I am very worried if I can visit all exhibitors’ booth...LOL. Thank you very much, Ms. Elba!!

[Editor’s Note]
This time, we featured two exhibitors from France and Italian Pavilion. Although they are both from European nations, they have totally different flavors in their designs and styles. We tend to bracket European Frames = Stylish, but we learned that each country has own tendency and flavors. KARAVAN PRODUCTIONS’ frames are very artistic and graceful. They attract not only the wearer but also people looking the frames. On the other hand, ESTYL’s eyewear is basic in designs, but they are sophisticated designs with solid craftsmanship, and can be used for a long time. Comparing these characteristics are how you enjoy European Eyewear. In IOFT 2010, there are 2 huge pavilions from France and Italy. Thoroughly visit these 2 pavilions and enjoy the difference!

Written & Edited by Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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