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[Vol. 7] Voices from overseas exhibitors –Introducing 2 exhibitors from France Pavilion -

We have more numbers of overseas exhibitors for IOFT 2010.

As you already know, there is ‘France Pavilion’ inside IOFT!!
Last year, the pavilion and each exhibitor’s booth was filled with buyers, and eyewear with esprit attracted visitors. Who will be exhibiting in this year?

Let us introduce 2 exhibitors from France Pavilion, and they are new companies.

This is the French Design! Beautiful accents on temples.
Ms. Nadine Drôme, Volte-Face

Full of French flavor! It levels your charms up.
Mr. Julien Daubry, Export Manager, LOOK VISION

Chiharu (IOFT):
This is your first time exhibiting inside France Pavilion.
Could you explain about your company?

Ms. Drôme (Volte-Face):
The identity form is double. Do you know Jean-François Rey with his fair, bright, successful and well-known personality in the world of optics? In 2010, Mr. Rey took over Volte-Face offering the know-how of his reputed teams when it comes to product quality, delivery time control, and seriousness and reliability in business. At the same time, Fabienne Coudray, designer, founder, and owner of her brand is in command for design, and artistic direction.

[Mr. Jean-François Rey]

Chiharu (IOFT):
What kind of new world we can see through the eyewear which is born from 2 talents...I am curious to see them!

Ms. Drôme (Volte-Face):
Volte Face is made in France and for one product concept in Japan, and for another one in Italy in countries which have to preserve the quality as their flagship to stay in scene. Our expectations for IOFT 2010 and Market Segment are...we are anxious to show the Japanese and Asians our truly new and fitting the high-end market segment optical frames. Also, we are anxious to show our new born sunglasses for prescription users: sunglasses that are made looking like vintage oxidized metal, something new and interesting at last away from usual dullness …

Chiharu (IOFT):
I would like to see what you will exhibit. Could you introduce some?

Ms. Drôme (Volte-Face):
Optical frames of Volte Face are meant for design lovers and often hint to contemporary design trends. Volte face lovers are high end optical frames users looking for the delicately nuanced colors palette… not for just dark or simply bright colored usual stuff! Just look at the work on the acetate material which inducts itself the delicate colors with nuance and makes it a real design work with a full coherence between shapes, designs and colors. For example, models Salvia and Mika worked with acetate honeycomb effect.



Also, the stained glass mosaic introduces unseen effect of delicate multicolored sparkles…models Nara and Dita. Do you get it?



Chiharu (IOFT):
Immediately after I first saw this honeycomb model, I was in love with it. I am sure many women are looking for this design!

Ms. Drôme (Volte-Face):
Prices are at consumer level well positioned between 30-39 000 yen. For the creativity and quality we propose, I think it is not too cheap and not too expensive. I mean, descent price. Our booth is located with the French Eyewear Makers Group with UbiFrance in the middle of Hall 2 number 10-13 come and see us, it is worth!

Chiharu (IOFT):
Thank you very much for the confident messages! I will definitely visit your booth to see actual frames.

Let’s move on to next interview. We welcome Mr. Julien Daubry from LOOK VISION, which is also new exhibitor inside France Pavilion.

Chiharu (IOFT):
Welcome! Please explain about your company.

Mr. Daubry (LOOK VISION):
Based in Paris area, Look Vision is a one of the leading company in France in the eyewear industry. After that, we launched XENITH Collection in 2003, TED LAPIDUS Collection in 2004, and ROBERTO BACOLI Collection in 2007. We’ve been very actively producing eyewear. In France, we are famous for one of the leading companies in eyewear industry. More than quality spectacles, we offer a partnership and customized services to ensure sales success for our customers.

[Mr. Julien Daubry]

Chiharu (IOFT):
It is interesting to hear that you emphasize on customer service.

Mr. Daubry (LOOK VISION):
Look Vision has been distributing its collection in Japan since 2008. We decided to exhibit at IOFT 2010 in order to support our Japanese distributor: LIBRA EYEWEAR. We are happy of the great job done by Mr. Yuichi Sato in Japan and wanted to show our support and help the development of our brands Xénith, Ted Lapidus, and Le Tanneur in Japan.

Chiharu (IOFT):
You have a strong support from distributor in Japan. Thus, you can do business without worrying... What you do is what other overseas companies want.

Mr. Daubry (LOOK VISION):
Japan is for us an important market, as we know Japanese people have a real interest in fashion and creative products. Selling in Japan also push us to always focus on achieving the best quality, as we know customers are really exigent.

Chiharu (IOFT):
True. Fashion in Japan varies. I cannot count how many kinds and styles. Everyone freely enjoys what suits to them. So, I believe what those Japanese people want for eyewear also varies... It may be such a huge pressure on you and manufacturers, but I want you to enjoy the difference!

Mr. Daubry (LOOK VISION):
Of course, we’ll do. We will proudly offering many eyewear at IOFT 2010! Let us introduce some.

[Model: X700 - Color code: 7A - Size: 50-19-135]
First model is Xénith X700-710.
It got exotic fruits! Look at temples; you see watermelon, kiwi, star fruit, dragon fruit, and coconut. Xénith designers chose graphic exotic fruits to adorn the TR90 grimalid temples. So fresh!

[Xénith Collection]

Second one is Le Tanneur LE100-110-120

[Model: LE110 - Color code: 7A - Size: 55-18-145]
This model has legant temples with the contrast of colors between leather and overstitching. Available with 3 different faces: half-rimmed, full-rimmed, or vintage plastic face. This frame is ideal for men looking for authentic styles and materials. So French!

Finally, I will introduce a model Ted Lapidus TL100-110-120: GT spirit for men:

[Model: TL120 - Color code: 12 - Size: 53-20-145]

This model has technical and mechanical inspiration for these new Ted Lapidus models. The triple temple looks like luxury cars’ slatted side vent.

[Ted Lapidus]

Chiharu (IOFT):
They are definitely French! I think advanced fashion lovers will love the one with fruit on temples because they have vivid colorings and playful sprit.

Mr. Daubry (LOOK VISION):
We have two main interests on IOFT 2010. Reinforcing our presence in Japan (optical chains, stores…) and meeting distributors for neighbor countries. Please come to see our booth! We’re looking forward to meet you!

Chiharu (IOFT):
Thank you, Mr. Daubry. IOFT NEWS readers, you can highly count on France Pavilion!

[Editor’s Note]
It may be no exaggeration to say that France is a leading country in eyewear industry. I was attracted by their elegant and stylish frames. Also, this interview made me think that there are numbers of eyewear brands which I do not know, thus I need to study more! Do you know who will spread these new brands to the world?? It is you, IOFT NEWS readers! I wish we have more and more access to various eyewears. Moreover, I wish more and more people will say ‘just one pair of glasses is not enough’ and ‘this eyewear goes well with these clothes.’ So, I encourage you to purchase a lot during IOFT 2010!!

Written & Edited by Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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