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[Vol.14] The Voices from Overseas Exhibitors –Korean Pavilion & Taiwanese Pavilion-

As Asian buyers visiting IOFT were featured last time, this time, we’ll introduce Asian exhibitors, especially Pavilions inside IOFT.

From newly launched kid’s eyewear, accessories to contact lenses. Stylish manufactures handling these various products with high quality will exhibit.

-Korean Pavilion-
Mr. Jinyoung Son, CEO, Korea Optical Industry Support Center, The Organizer of Korean Pavilion

OEM Services with high technology, lens cleaners and accessories. Variety of eyewear related products will be exhibited.
-Taiwanese Pavilion-
Interviewee: Mr. Joey Lian, General Secretary, Taiwan Spectacles Industry Association

First, let’s us introduce Mr. Son of the organizer of Korean Pavilion.

Interviewer: Haruka, International PR, IOFT Show Management.

From this year, Korean Pavilion is newly launched at IOFT.
Could you please tell us why you decided to launch Korean Pavilion at IOFT?

Mr.Jinyoung Son, Korea Optical Industry Support Center:
Well, in recent years, Korean products are getting highly in demand in Japan year by year. Also, we thought exhibiting at IOFT is the best way for Korean manufactures to develop Japanese market and that’s why we made a decision to launch Korean Pavilion this time.

Korean products are surely getting more stylish, I think. Do you know how much share do Korean products have in Japanese market?

Mr. Son:
According to the statistic data of Korea International Trade Association, total export performance of eyewear frame exported to Japan from January to July 2011 increased 127.4 % compared with year-before period. Also in sunglass field, the percentage of the total export performance increased 155.7% compared with year-before period.

I’m amazed by the rate at which the markets grow. So, have you received numbers of inquiries from Japan, haven’t you?

Mr. Son:
Yes, we did. The more Japanese people interested in Korean products, the more Korean manufactures can get connection with Japanese eyewear shops. Recently, we are receiving inquiries from Japanese companies which want to do business matching with Korean manufactures handling TR, metal and sports sunglasses. This is also one of the reason that we will exhibit as a pavilion to develop eyewear business with Japanese buyers more actively.

I see. I heard that eleven companies in total will exhibit inside Korean pavilion this time.
Could you kindly introduce each of these companies?

Mr. Son:
Sure! First, I’ll introduce nine exhibitors which handle frames.
- EYE BELL OPTICAL CO., Brand Name: Angsi, eye#, Basset
- Shinhwa International Co.,Ltd, Brand Name: CAPULET, Public Space 1
- KOREA COLOR CO., Brand Name: VINTAGE 1977, CCR
- HWASUNG OPTICAL CO, Brand Name: Click, Beta Plastic

What’s more, a company handling contact lenses M.I Contact Co., Ltd and a company handling lens cleaner made of superfine fibers KYCLOTHCO.,LTD., Brand Name: EYECLEAN, CLEANPIX will exhibit.
Many of exhibitors have their original brands, don’t they? As more and more design eyewear products are lately made in Korea, we should pay attention to the Korean eyewear, too.

Mr. Son:
Please come to our booth at IOFT and see our products! Korean eyewear industry has made an effort in product development for a long time and as a result, it succeeded to adjust to price-sensitive American market and European & Japanese market where quality and design are valued. We feel proud that this is a result of our untiring effort to develop high value added product. We will focus on technological development, design and making high-grade product and continuously release products suitable to the latest trend of eyewear market.
Also, we are very pleased to exhibit at IOFT 2011 as Korean pavilion. As an organizer, we’d like to offer opportunity to develop Japanese market to Korean exhibitors and also opportunity to meet the Korean products with high quality to Japanese buyers. We hope both of them will be satisfied with the show.

Please contact us if you want to make an appointment with us during the show.

KOISC(Korea Optical Industry Support Center)
Tel: +82-53-350-7841
Email: yukism5177@yahoo.co.jp

We also hope lots of visitors will see and touch Korean eyewear directly.
Thank you very much, Mr. Son.

Then, we’ll introduce Taiwanese pavilion.

Following last year, Taiwanese pavilion will be exhibited. We look forward to seeing the pavilion.
Then, could you tell us the reason to establish Taiwanese pavilion?

Mr. Joey Lian, Taiwan Spectacles Industry Association:
Since all of Japanese products have high quality, we think Japanese market is a special market where we can’t easily enter. Recently, Taiwanese eyewear products finally caught up with world level in design, quality and price. Besides, Japanese manufactures handling lots of world famous brands are laying parts from Taiwanese related companies.

Taiwanese manufactures is rapidly extending their business to the world.
We have to keep an eye on the tendency of Taiwanese eyewear industry.

Mr. Lian:
Yes we should. It would be nice if we could offer opportunity for lots of buyers such as eyewear shops, agents, importer and exporter to meet Taiwanese companies at IOFT.

Many enthusiastic buyers will come to IOFT, so please appeal Taiwanese companies to them in various ways as much as you wish.

Mr. Lian:
Thank you! You might get the impression that Taiwanese companies provide mainly OEM services, however, this time, companies producing their original brands will also exhibit at IOFT. Let me introduce each of them.

-INNOVA VISION INC.Contact Lenses & Solutions
-VICTORY EYEWEAR CO., LTD.Sports glasses, Kids glasses)
-Taiwan Koda Optical Co., Ltd. (Glasses, Lens)
(Revlon optical frame, Filos optical frame, Scooby-Doo optical frame)
-CONTOUR OPTIK INC. (Reading glasses)

Six companies as above will exhibit, handling not only frames but also contact lenses, eyewear related products and kids frames. We hope you’ll like them!




They will release original brands with great technology improved by OEM. We’re so excited to see them. How can we make an appointment with you during the show?

Mr. Lian:
Please contact me as follows.
Mr. Joey Lian
Taiwan Spectacles Industry Association
TEL: 886-2-25057583
FAX: 886-2-25070260

We’re also proud of sport glasses and reading glasses as Taiwanese products. Please come to Taiwanese pavilion during the show. We are waiting for your visit.

Thank you Mr. Lian! The show is only two weeks away. Do your best on your preparation!

[Editor’s Note]
This time, we featured Korean and Taiwanese Pavilion from some of overseas pavilions. Nowadays, Asian products have developed remarkably not only in technology but also in quality and design. At IOFT, such Asian companies will exhibit. You will be excited about the European/American designs and very impressed with Japanese high technologies. Also your heart will pounded with expectation to see new Asian eyewear. I’m sure you could have such great experiences at IOFT. There are lots of eyewear products you can see only three days during the show.
So, don’t miss the show!

*IOFT2011 is NOT open to general public. Those under 18 years old are not   
 allowed to enter the show.

written & edited by Haruka, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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