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[Vol. 1] New-comers to the tide- The IOFT Int’l Designers zone (1)

Hello everyone!

It is nearly a month to go until the opening of IOFT and we have a really good feeling about the content and atmosphere of this year‘s show.
One of the reasons for this anticipation is due to the huge increase in the number of new overseas exhibitors! 

As many of you know, IOFT is THE place for Asian and Japanese buyers to get in touch with new styles and the latest eyewear from the international market such as Europe and the United States as well as it being a hub for good quality Japanese frames.
This year will be no exception and we are sure that your expectation will be greatly exceeded by the variety of unique brands.

Today we will introduce the following companies who will be exhibiting for the first time at IOFT in the tide- The IOFT Int’l Designers zone:

   Featured brands: Jacques Durand
                                      alyson magee 

   Featured brand: Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama

Interviewee 1:

Mr. Jacques Durand, Designer, Jacques Durand
Ms. Alyson Magee, Designer, alyson magee

* Both brands will be exhibited at IOFT by their distributor in Japan, 141°ONE FOUR ONE DEGREES

(Interviewer: Chiharu, International PR, IOFT Show Management)

I have been informed that both of you will be showcasing your brands at IOFT. Could you briefly explain to us what they are like?

Mr. Durand:
Jacques Durand is a brand which was launched in France in 2008 and it appeared in the Japanese market for the first time in 2009.

In recent years, in order to lower the production costs, the design of frames tend to be simple but Jacques Durand aim for something different…something new and revolutionary. It is an eyewear with great design, cost and function and that is proven by those who have actually worn it and said how great it is!

Ms. Magee
alyson magee is named after myself. I am the designer and I have been involved in getting the brand up and going in the European market. 

The long awaited first collection was introduced into Japan this spring. I wanted to create something that shines like a Gems on the wearer’s face. The delicate colours used for the frames are inspired by nature.  


It seems like there is high hope for both brands.

Mr. Durand:
Indeed! Jacques Durand only started to be marketed in 2009 so it’s only been 3 years since its arrival in Japan but it is being featured in publications and slowly selling its name. Therefore I think it is great timing for us both to introduce the 2 brands. That is why we decided to exhibit at IOFT.

Numerous buyers from Japan visits IOFT so I think it would be a great opportunity to expand your brands.

Ms. Magee:
Thank you very much. IOFT is surely a great place for appeal the brands but it is also a place to get in touch with many rare collections which you don’t usually get a chance to see so I am very excited about it.

I hope for the best.
So…I think the readers are very eager to have a look at some of the frames that will be showcased at the show. Could you introduce some of them to us?

Mr. Durand:
Sure, I will start with Jacques Durand’s 506(PAQUES)       

Jacques Durand 506(PAQUES)   

It is a very popular frame of the Classic collection and as well as being a classic design it is edgy and comical.
It also has a flat bridge, a mat finish with brushed effect.
The frame is designed from the temple end as the design is focusses on how easily you can wear the frame.

Ms. Magee
Next is alyson magee AMO 510, AMO 004

alyson magee AMO 510, AMO 004

The material used for alyson magee is one of a kind. A luxurious frame with very fine care taken with its hinge and modern design.          

Both brands are so unique and are very fashionable. It must be exciting to think about which style to mix and match it with.

Mr. Durand:
Indeed. I think both brands will grab the attention of people from the fashion industry as well as the eyewear industry. To all those who are attending IOFT, I really hope you get a chance to visit our booth.

Ms. Magee:
Unfortunately for now we do not have any plans to visit this year but I am sure the reps in Japan are open for appointments during the show so please feel free to contact them:

TEL: +81364501127
FAX: +81357760978


Such refined designs. These frames are perfect exhibits for the tide zone. It’s so exciting to imagine what will be line-up at the show. Mr. Durand, Ms. Magee thank you very much for your time!
* * *

I would now like to welcome Mr. Tsuchiya from TIMELESS CO., LTD. Their eyewear brand Loree Rodkin, is originally a jewelry brand adored by many celebrities around the world. Could you explain a little about your brand to us? 

Interviewee 2: 

Mr. Susumu Tsuchiya, President, TIMELESS CO., LTD.

Mr. Tsuchiya:
Based in Los Angeles, Loree Rodkin is a jewelry brand that continues to charm celebrities from around the world. Prominent customers such as Madonna and Steven Tyler have spread our brand name. It is a brand even loved by Michelle Obama, the wife of the President of the United States.

It is also a luxurious eyewear brand “Sama”, which has continually charmed celebrities, stylists and even royal families from around the world for over 20 years. The brand first started to come into the limelight after it was worn by Arnold Schlesinger in the film The Terminator. Since then it has been used in many films and has become increased its popularity. The two brands Sama and Loree Rodkin became partners and created the eyewear brand “Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama”

It was a big hit at the Milan show in autumn 2005 and has been loved by many celebrities.


It certainly is a match made in heaven. Loree Rodkin is a very famous brand among women who base their style on celebrity fashion.

Mr. Tsuchiya:
Indeed. But unfortunately it isn’t as recognised as much as we want it to be in Japan so hopefully exhibiting at IOFT will help the brand to get known by a larger and wider range of people. IOFT is the biggest show in Japan and brings together eyewear brands from all over the world in one place…that's why we chose IOFT.

Thank you so much! We won’t let you down. We will try our very best to get the show ready for you all. Now, could you introduce some of the frames that you will be exhibiting at IOFT?

Mr. Tsuchiya:
Lets start with this


Kim is the most popular sunglasses. It has a very exquisite colour, temple design, and is very popular in Japan as it is well fitted for a typical Japanese face shape.

Next is Angie.

This one is the most popular frame in L.A. this year. The frame shape is a wellington which is very hot at the moment and it comes in many different colours. The temple design is unique of that of a jewelry designer.

And this is Cameron.


This year’s colour is a combination of black and a vivid shade of blue. The shape is a standard tear drop but the temple has a motif of a tiger. Cameron is the perfect item to complete the “I’m not like one of you” - kind of look.

I must say all 3 frames are a great representation of the wonderful world of Loree Rodkin. I personally love your silver jewelry and I have a few of my own so I am really interested in your brand.

Mr. Tsuchiya:
Thank you. As Ms. Loree would say, “Eyewear is the ultimate jewelry for the face” You may be able to find an item at Loree Rodkin Eye Couture by Sama that you may not be able to find elsewhere. If you would like to book an appointment during the show period please feel free to contact us.

TEL: +81335380654 (Attn. Sugiyama)

Mr. Tsuchiya thank you very much! “Eyewear is the ultimate jewelry for the face” is such a great expression. I can’t wait to see your product line-up.

[ Editor’s Note ]

Today out of the many new-comers to tide, we introduced 2 companies and 3 of their brands which will actually be exhibited at the show.

Jacques Durand and alyson magee has a refined French style with a comical taste all jam-packed into one frame. Loree Rodkin on the other hand has an American hard rock style yet hinting a unique sense of elegance.

Both have their own distinct flavor so you will be able to have so much fun mixing and matching it with different styles! This is the beauty of eyewear and why so many people are drawn by it…the more you learn the more you are captured by its charm… The two interviews definitely reminded me how much fun you can have with eyewear and am very much looking forward to rummaging around at this year’s show (in a professional manner of course!)

Don’t miss out! Join us at IOFT! – the one and only place to actually see and touch these wonderful frames and many other!!

Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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