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[Vol. 3] Big Buyers meets Brilliant Brands – a match made at IOFT

Have any of you been to an overseas trade show and had difficulties conducting business due to language barriers, not knowing when and where to be, couldn’t work out how to fully utilise the show tools?...

For several years IOFT Show Management has been working on a project called “Matching Service” to support the business between exhibitors and premium Asian buyers.

So how does the service work?... Show Management specially invites top retailers, wholesalers and importers from Asia through the ”Premium Buyer Invitation Program”. Then Show Management simply arranges the time and place for the two parties to meet, fully taking into consideration which premium buyer the exhibitors want to make business with and vice versa. To add to the arrangement, show staff will guide the premium buyers to the exhibitor’s booth in time for the appointments and provide full language support on demand. This year the program is expected to be a massive hit due to the richer variety of exhibitors, especially from overseas.

Overseas Exhibitors

To get a better idea of what the project is like, below is a comment from an overseas exhibitor who joined the matching service last year:

Francis Klein
We have been exhibiting at IOFT for many years and are satisfied with the business there. In IOFT 2011, we were fully satisfied with the organization and the services the show management offered us. Especially, the "Matching Service" with Asian buyers was a very well structured and eventually a very prolific service. We will surely come back to IOFT 2012 because IOFT has already become the best business place for us in Asia.
Francis Kline will be participating in the program again at this year’s show and Show Management is currently in the process of arranging the appointments.

The beauty about IOFT is the fact that it is not only a gate way to enter the emerging Asian market; it is also a place to conduct serious business with International companies. Evidently, many exhibitors repeatedly exhibit at IOFT all the way from Europe and the U.S.   

Other voices from the international market:


We have been exhibiting at IOFT many years. The business result of IOFT 2011 was great. We could have business not only with Japanese buyers but also with Chinese and Taiwanese buyers. It is good news for us that IOFT has been becoming the gateway and business hub in Asian market. We really expect that IOFT welcome more international exhibitors.

We were happy to see the continuous support of the IOFT. Our reps were fully booked and sales were satisfactory. Total sales was around USD 200,000 at IOFT 2011. IOFT is the main event in the optical industry in Asia, and LINDBERG will exhibit again in 2012.

This year as well as the exhibitors like the above, many new comers will be participating at IOFT from Europe and join the matching service.

For more exhibitor comments:

To view more comments from overseas exhibitors who will actually be exhibiting at this year’s show, take a look at some of the videos uploaded on to IOFT’s facebook page.

For the full list of exhibitors:

Take a look at the latest exhibitors list online

By integrating the matching service to the already successful international business platform, Show Management is sure to boost business between exhibitors and buyers and pull together a truly satisfying show for all parties. The improved line up of this year’s exhibitors is bound to contribute to a bigger success this year! 


Premium Buyers from Asia

Show Management is expecting 350 premium Asian buyers to participate in the matching service this year, who are all hungry for serious business! 


For instance, the top three Taiwanese megastores: FORMOSA OPTICAL TECHNOLOGY, KOBAYASHI OPTICAL and GRACE OPTICAL will be joining. Both the President and Vice President of all three companies will be participating and are also dignitaries for the Opening Ribbon-Cutting Ceremony. The service is also planning to involve around 20 of the most powerful importers from the Taiwanese market so fingers crossed for IOFT exhibitors! 


Major Chinese chain stores, importers and wholesalers will also be participating in the service. From what we have heard so far, many of the participating companies are expecting to spend 5,000,000 to 15,000,000 Japanese Yen’s worth on latest and unique frames.
As it is approaching the opening of the show, Show Management made a trip to China to be acquainted with some of the company representatives that are planning to attend the show. For example, the president of Beijing’s no.1 optical chain store, BEIJING TONGREN MEDICAL TECHNOLOGY CORPORATION and the president of China’s largest optical chain store CHINA BAODAO OPTICAL had revealed to IOFT Show Management that they have high hopes for both the show and the service. They consider IOFT to be a great place to purchase new products and are looking forward to have a look at the latest Japanese frames as they find the quality to be the best in Asia. International brands are also a major attraction for the buyers.


Korea is another major region Show Management has worked diligently and over 100 buyers are expected to be involved in the service. The CEO of DAVICH OPTICAL CHAIN, the largest chain stores in Korea has promised to take part and is very fond of the service. He feels conducting business at a foreign country with a totally different language and culture is somewhat intimidating at times so such a service allows them to negotiate comfortably. The Vice president of another major Korean buyer GLASSBOX has mentioned to Show Management that it is a very efficient way to meet the exhibitors that match their needs and values the service. Both companies are regular visitors of IOFT and every time they bring along their key purchasing authorities with them to the show. They are very excited and eager to discover new brands, both Japanese and international.

A message from Show Management

To sum up today’s IOFT NEWS, Akira Kono, head of international sales, IOFT Show Management will like to deliver a message to existing participants and future participants:
“IOFT is THE gateway to enter the emerging Asian market and is especially beneficial for brands from other markets such as Europe and the U.S. to launch new products and find potential customers in Asia. The service like the matching service mentioned above will definitely support new business for such brands and we will try our very best to contribute to their future success. Please feel free to contact us at any time! We will be glad to be of help.”

[Editor’s Note]

It is really exciting to receive such positive comments from both the exhibitors and buyers. I can already feel the energy of the show oozing and cannot wait to witness the show contributing to both the Asian and International market. IOFT is where it all happens! Join us to witness or even be part of the intensive meetings which are sure to be firing away!

Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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