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[Vol.6] Exceptional brands from France: Boutique zone & tide zone exhibitors

It is already the 4th day into October and the opening date of IOFT is ever so close!

Exhibitors who are participating must be entering the last stages of preparation to launch their new products and the buyers must be studying the online catalogue and invitation ticket to decide which brands to approach.

We will be firing more information /photos of the show and exhibiting brands so be ready…

Today’s topic is French eyewear.
We will introduce two French exhibitors from the Boutique and tide-The IOFT Int’l Designers zone

Today’s interviewee:

  • Mr. David Beddok, Head Designer & Owner, OKO EYEWEAR Group

  • Ms. COCO, Director & Designer, LOTHO FRANCE S.A.S.

Interviewer : Chiharu Nishiura, International PR, IOFT Show Management

Please introduce us to your brand

Mr. Beddok:
Mr. Beddok
OKO EYEWEAR Group was created right at the start of the 21st century by two passionate opticians taken by the idea of producing the best possible eyewear for all.
We have now become a strong company recognised in the optical industry.

At OKO EYEWEAR Group we have values that play an essential role. We convey a clear message that defines the existence of the brands that make it happen and make it live, and that defines its DNA.

It’s the combination of all these values that creates a unity between the eyewear consumers of the brands OKO by OKO Paris or KIDOKO for children.

One of our values is “DNA” This is the art of launching amazing frames year after year, trade show after trade show, but always respecting the identity and the signature of a company with strong values of differentiation, innovation, comfort and quality. This is the motto of OKO EYEWEAR. This is something we cannot compromise.

Other values include; ability to constantly be a reliable brand, whether we have stone hard pride in our work, ability to keep creating something fun, importance of team work, passion for what we do, durably producing quality eyewear, continually producing successful products, keeping a high standard of technology and never forgetting the value of tradition. We try to be a brand strictly keeping to such values.

I see. That explains why I am so drawn by your brand every time I visit your booth. There is so much core and structure behind your success. Such an impressive way direct a brand!

Mr. Beddok:
Exactly our point.
Keeping to this DNA has led to the successes of the first collection OKO by OKO Paris. And by learning from that experience we have continually manage to be very successful with the brands that followed; KIDOKO, Moko Besicles & MyMuse.

When it comes to creating something new, OKO is a company with a high level of freedom. I bet whoever gets a chance to see our new collection should be able to agree with that statement.


Could you tell us the reason for continually exhibiting at IOFT?

Mr. Beddok:
We got our Japanese distributor the first year of our participation in 2009. Sharing our passion for eyewear and continue the promotion of our products is our major target. Besides, the great response of our Japanese opticians deserves our (me and my partner Philippe’s)  presence every year in order to honor them.
IOFT represents also a good opportunity of making new contacts for other Asian markets.
It is definitely a good place to be and display our new collections in this part of the planet as the equivalent of Silmo for us in Europe or Vision EXPO New York in America.
By exhibiting at IOFT we are able to continually make a good promotion of our products with the Japanese market as well as sharing our passion for eyewear.

Thank you so much! I have a very strong feeling that the readers of IOFT NEWS are very eager to hear about your new frames…could you kindly share a bit about them?

Mr. Beddok:
First I will introduce a frame from the brand, OKO by OKO Paris.
This is a new optical collection with a new mix of acetate/metal.
This is the poster…
...and this is CAC

CAC is the new optical collection of OKO by OKO Paris which has a hybrid acetate/metal frame and can be worn by men or women. It has character and style and can be thoroughly enjoyed even by people who are used to wearing stylish frames. Designer style, yes, but affordable for all!

As a preview of this new collection, here are the two first models...

CAC 8 (size 56-14)


and CAC 9 (size 55 – 16)


These come in two different sizes to fit as many faces as possible from smaller to larger. Each of the models existing in 4 colors.

Asian people’s tend have a smaller face compared to people from Europe and America so it’s really good that it comes in different sizes.
Besides what you have just told us, I heard there is more to this collection…is that true?

Mr. Beddok:
The CAC collection has a very unique design around the temple area.


We carefully chose which plate to use for this collection and the end result is this unique frame with a straight temple line. The temple extends to the hinge, wraps around it and ends at the acetate ear stem which matches the face very well. 
The ‘must’ of this collection stands in the base line of one unique color which goes from the face up to the ear stem. When you look at it from above, it is a continuous and unique coherent line.

OKO by OKO continues to surprise our fans by creating frames which have innovative/crazy design and a combination of delirious colours.

CAC’s pure design, high sense of elegance is proof that it was designed by David BEDDOK. These frames seduce both men and women by their creative and innovative look. These are offbeat frames that pushes away the reasonable limits by turning usual ideas upside-down.

Here is a video that explains it very well 


Wow, I bet everyone can’t wait to actually have a look at this collection in person.

Mr. Beddok:
I am looking forward to meet many Japanese and Asian distributors at IOFT.
Join the Turtle club! A human adventure in eyewear working 365 days a year for you.

To book an appointment with us, please contact:
TEL: +33 6 20 31 67 90


Mr. Beddok, thank you very much!


Now I would like to introduce another exhibitor from France,
Please tell us about your brand

LOTHO was created in the spring 2009 in Paris, France.
Our work was inspired and originates from the rich and symbolic universe of British visionary artist William Blake's poem. Seeing something special where nothing can be seen, changing what you are seeing and giving life to what is reflected in your eyes. 100 unique feelings and styles for a 100 different people, such is what LOTHO strives to create.

The approach of the company from the start has been to develop high-end “boutique” eyewear to the highest standard of craftsmanship.
Once, one our frames was noticed and got picked out by Rinka, at IOFT (a very famous fashion model in Japan) who was awarded that year for the Japan Best Dressed Eyes Award…That was a very happy and proud moment for us.

Your designs are definitely one of a kind. So many of your frames have such a unique style I have never seen anything like it.
It is not too edgy and is very refined… it seems perfect for people with a high sense of fashion.
After hearing your brand concept, I am more convinced.

It is great for us to be able to continuously come to IOFT. It is the best medium to create an long term relationship with our customers and opticians in general. The key for us is to develop a strong trust with the shops that represent us.

Indeed. The frames illustrate your concept very well so I hope you will be able to meet buyers who will love and live up to your concept in the long run.

Exactly my point!
It is always exciting to meet with new people and brands, new encounters brings new energy and perspective.
Opportunities to meet new people at IOFT and to introduce our brand and collection are definitely something we look forward to. We hope to expand our horizon by such acquaintance.
At the show we wish to meet Japanese buyers of course, but also people related to our business. Japan has such a great tradition in eyewear that we are always eager to meet new people, and companies we have never met.

I hope for the best!

Now…the moment we have all been waiting for…
Could you kindly introduce some of your frames that you will be showcasing at the show?

This is ANNA


…a very fun piece. 
A completely new approach on a classic look.



…a frame to pushes your personality out.



...a mix of retro and bold that gives a new twist to a certain idea of classic style.

Such unique frames that all shouts out LOTHO.
I cannot wait to have a look at more of your unique collections at your booth.
Would you like to send a message out to the readers of IOFT NEWS?

Hi there, we are very happy to introduce our new collection at IOFT.
if you love fashion, art and music, be sure to stop by and check our collection.
Stop by any time, half the fun is to check the glasses by yourself and try them on.

If you wish to book an appointment with us, please email us:

Thank you very much Ms. COCO!!

[Editor’s Note:]
It is so inspiring to get in touch with exhibitors such as OKO and LOTHO with such deep meaning and value behind their work.
IOFT is definitely a great chance for Japanese and Asian buyers to meet and make business with such wonderful designers. If you wish to make an appointment please contact them as soon as possible as there is so little time until the opening of the show!
We look forward to your active participation and appointment making.

For more information about the show, please contact Show Management or access the relevant sites listed below.

IOFT Show Management
Attn.: Ena Masui, International PR
TEL:+81-3-3349-8519 FAX +81-3-3349-8530

Written by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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