Wednesday, 11 September 2013

[Vol. 3] Sneak peek at IOFT 2013 exhibits! – Part 1: From Belgium

Good day IOFT NEWS readers!

Today we will be revealing some extra information about 2 exhibitors of IOFT.

The information is not yet available on the e-Guidebook (IOFT’s online show directory) so this will be the first place to find out!

 --- From Belgium---
P. Hoet nv

Interviewee: Mr. Patrick Hoet, Designer and Manager of P. Hoet nv
(Interviewer: Ena from IOFT Show Management)

Hi Patrick! You must be busy with the preparation and the readers must be dying to know about your fantastic frames so I am going to start firing away with the questions.
So for starters, could you tell us a bit about your brand?

The Hoet company was founded as a design company, mainly designing eyewear for the company Theo. Today we are still designers for Theo, but we started the creation, development and distribution of our products about 5 years ago. The products consist of:
*  the Hoet prescription frames collection is high end, modern design, timeless, mainly metal collection. It is distributed directly to the independent optician (no agents or distributers).  
*  the Cabrio sunwear collection is a sporty collection with innovative design
*  the eye-catchers collection consists of different accessories made for the modern 
   optical store(mirrors, window displays...)


Could you share some product information and may be some photos so we can all get a taster of what will be showcased?

At IOFT we'll introduce 2 models, which represent the start of a whole collection, named Hoet Couture. The frames are made in Belgium, with a new production technology and will be marketed with a new marketing strategy. 
The models are titanium frames made with laser melting 3D technology and will be available in an array of lens and nose sizes combinations to suit every face. They will also come with Asian nose fitting versions.

P1 Femme I


P1 Homme I

Contrary to ordinary production these frames will be made to order one by one, thus diminishing the stock risk for the opticians.

The frames looks fantastic! I can’t wait to have a look at the detail of the design at IOFT!
So…with these gorgeous frames, what do you expect at this year’s show?

Higher than last year, but still moderate. We understand that Japanese opticians are very careful in the choice of their suppliers and that it takes time to gain their confidence. From our side we prefer to grow slowly, but steadily.
We hope to gain the confidence of Japanese buyers at the show and we are sure that our products can find their way to the heart of Japanese people.

So you mentioned Japanese buyers…Who would you like to meet at IOFT?

For the Hoet collection we are only looking for independent opticians. For the Cabrio and eye-catchers collection, independent opticians and agents or distributers.

Ok...last question!
Could you get a message for our IOFT NEWS readers?

It is our believe that our Hoet Couture marks the beginning of a new era in the eyewear industry, since the technology allows us to re-invent eyewear design.
Please come around to see for yourself how it can be of interest for you.

Contact details:
Tel: +32 50 33 43 02

HOET’s e-Guidebook page:

Thank you so much for your time Patrick and I look forward to seeing you at the show!

                                                           *  *  *  *

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Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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