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[Vol. 4] Sneak peek at IOFT 2013 exhibits! – Part 2: From Japan

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--- From Japan ---

(Distributor of Jacques Durand, Alyson magee, and VERONIKA WILDGRUBER's J.D.O)
Interviewee: Ms. Sachiko Ishii, Executive Director of 141° ONE FOR ONE DEGREES

Hello, Ms. Ishii.
Last year you represented Jacques Durand, Alyson magee, and VERONIKA WILDGRUBER's J.D. but I heard you will be introducing a new designer this year!
Could you tell us what would be different about your booth and your products at this year's IOFT?

Ms. Ishii:
At last year's IOFT, as you mentioned, we mainly introduced international designers such as
Jacques Durand, Alyson magee, and VERONIKA WILDGRUBER's J.D.O but we will be introducing frames designed by Akihiro Miyamori. 

Akihiro Miyamori's signiture

With the addition of Akihiro Miyamori’s frames, we will have an even more exciting and diverse collection of products
(Mr. Akihiro Miyamori’s signiture)

Could you tell us a bit about the frames that you will be introducing?

Ms. Ishii:
Very unique eyewear created by Akihiro Miyamori (Makieshi (Gold lacquer master) of echizen-urushiutsuwa (Japanese lacquerware)), using the traditional Japanese takamakie (embossed gilt lacquerwork) technique will be introduced at IOFT. 

Mr. Akihiro Miyamori

Makei can be found on many daily used items in Japan such as urushiutsuwa (lacquerware).
By incorporating the takamakie technique onto eyewear, 141°ONE FOR ONE DEGREES has created a luxurious collection.
We hope everyone will be able to enjoy the very dynamic and modern design of the frame and not conceive it as just a traditional Japanese product.

Could you give us a preview of Mr. Akihiro Miyamori’s 'push' frame, which you will be showcase at IOFT? May be a few details about it too?

Ms. Ishii:
The photo is showing one of the frames from Akihiro Miyamori's “TENKUU” series.

TENKUU series

We have added urushi on to the top front of the cell frame with a makie design.
In addition to this, we have an urushie series with a front made of cell and a temple part made of wood.
The products are partly open orders so the customers will be able to select the colour/pattern of their choice.
Akihiro Miyamori will design each and every frame with care.

So this is your second time exhibiting at IOFT? How do you find it?

Ms. Ishii:
Many buyers come to visit IOFT and we are able to meet numerous customers face to face, we find it as a precious place to receive opinions and views from our customers.

Who would you like to meet during the show?

Ms. Ishii:
We hope to meet as many Japanese and overseas buyers as possible at the show.
We see IOFT as the right place to introduce the new brand to the market and we will do our best to respond to our buyers.

Do you have a message for our readers? May be share us some information if you are planning something special at your booth?

Ms. Ishii:
Mr Moriyama will be demonstrating his wonderful skills and we have prepared some gifts to give out at our booth.

Contact details:
Tel: 03-5730-3199
Fax: 03-5730-3266

141 ONE FOUR ONE DEGREES e-Guidebook page:

Thank you so much Ms. Ishii!! We look forward to visiting your booth and seeing Mr. Miyamori’s showcase!

                                                        *  *  *  *

Editor’s note:
Both of Mr. Hoet and Mr. Miyamori’s frames looked fantastic!
Two frames with very different modern designs.
To book advance appointments with them, please note down the contact details mentioned above.

Keep your eye on IOFT NEWS for more juicy information about the show and the exhibits.


Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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