Thursday, 26 September 2013

[Vol. 7] More IOFT 2013 exhibits revealed! Part 2 - From Taiwan

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Now, I would like to introduce an exhibitor from Taiwan

From Taiwan

Interviewee: Mr. Brain & Mr. Max, Designer, Woodopia
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Woodopia Logo

Ena:A big hello to you Mr. Brain, Mr. Max!
Could we ask you to introduce your brand to our lovely readers?

Mr. Brain

Of course.
Woodopia design studio was established in 2010, specialises in manufacturing handcrafted wooden eyewear, and aim to bring a brand new interpretation and imagination of wood material to the consumers. 

Mr. Max:
Woodopia expects to present a different form of existence and feeling that wooden frame can bring, making wood to be a fashion trend element.

Wonderful! I look forward to actually seeing your frames and how it feels when you wear them.
What do you expect at IOFT?

Mr. Brain
It took us five years devotion to present the Woodopia handcrafted eyewear frame. We are open and willing to listen to your thoughts and ideas about our products.

Ok, we are dying to see what your frames look like, could you share us some photos?

Mr. Max:
The model name for this frame is "TN"
This is our push frame for this year's IOFT.

Mr. Brain:The design concept of Woodopia is to present 100% hand crafted, light and comfortable wooden frame with bentwood processing technique; emphasize the original texture and modern feeling from the log.
Making of each frame consumes more than 25 hours of craft, 14 working days and 72 different steps to complete.

Who would you like to meet during the show?

Mr. Max:
We would like to meet Japanese buyers, apparel shops, distributors.

Could we get a message to our readers from you guys?

Mr. Brain:
Thank you and it’s our pleasure to share the Woodopia products with you.

Could we ask for your contact details so the visitors of IOFT will be able to make advance appointments?

Mr. Max:

No problem

Mr. Brain:

Mr. Max

Woodopia’s e-Guidebook page >> CLICK

Thank you Mr. Brain, Mr. Max!
We look forward to seeing you at the show!


Editor’s note:
Today we have introduced information and photos of two wonderful exhibitors from two different parts of the world.
Both brands are different and unique but I bet we will all love to have a look at each of their frames and find out more about their brand concept and stories behind the designs.

Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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