Thursday, 26 September 2013

[Vol. 6] More IOFT 2013 exhibits revealed! Part 1 - From Germany

Hello eyewear lovers!
Time to reveal more information and pictures from IOFT exhibitors!

Today we will be featuring two wonderful exhibitors.
One from Germany and one from Taiwan.

From Germany 

Interviwee: Mr. Páris Frost (CEO) & Mrs. Marion Frost (Designer),  frost/PM FROST GmbH

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(Interviewer: Ena Masui, IOFT Show Management) 

Mrs. Marion Frost and Mr. Páris Frost &

Hi Páris! Marion!
We are so excited to have you exhibiting at our show again!
Please let us know the history and concept of your brand

The idea to create an own unique design, our eyewear label was born in the year 1994. Since this time we design, produce and deliver our goods directly from the German Black Forest to the world.
“frost” is the perfect symbiosis of uncontrollable creative dynamic and the dominated idea. Behind conceal two contrary personalities, which define united the uniqueness of the brand “frost”: Marion and Páris Frost. The story of success is narrated very fast. 

Nearly 20 years ago I was searching unsuccessfully for a frame, which I was feeling as a stylish challenge. I was asking my wife Marion for help, who had the appropriate mechanical talent and experience in the creation as skillful model goldsmith. There with the idea to manufacture and individual frame collection with high recall value was born. The loving duo designer/rationalist harmonized perfectly. Both comprehend design as cross-border dialog, which leads to the point to see things like nobody else has seen them. Marion embodies the creative power, and I puts them in a controlled, economic context. The strained game of both stread to their drafts.

Thank you Páris.
Its always so inspiring hearing your story and we look forward to hearing more about it at the show!
From your side, what do you enjoy and expect from IOFT?

There are many reasons for attending the IOFT show. The main point is to check the market situation, feel the inspiration energy in this exciting town and looking for new and maybe upcoming fashion trends. Last but not least is our heartily reason to meet and great our customer, friends and fans.

The IOFT fair is a must go and remains unaffected and permanent in our trade fair schedule each year. It's an honor for us to be a part of the most important fashion eyewear show in Japan. Tokyo is the gate to the whole Asian economic zone and more and more an interesting starting point for buyers from all over the world.
Regarding our expectations, we are starting this upcoming season with lots of new exciting designs, technical innovations and great expectations in these products. The new items of our "frost hot glasses collection" and also of the "frost f-type collection" are the most fashionable must haves for every glasses lover. We trust in our constant fidelity friends and love to surprise them with our new ideas. Every year at IOFT is a new challenge and always a big chance to find more and more fans for our handmade frames made in Germany.

I am so happy to hear that. We hope for the best!!
Now, the moment we have all being waiting for…
Could you share us some pictures and information about the frames you will be showcasing at the show?

This model is called “FIZZY”
Feel the bubbly energy and exuberant joy which brings "FIZZY" in your life.
Stop daydreaming and start to live your emotions now.


This is “PAPILLON”
Mysterious and breathtaking beautiful butterfly shape which let your mind flowing and thoughts flattering. Life can be a fantasy fairy tale if you let to be inspired by this flowing design...


Wow they look amazing!
So with these frames, who would you like to meet at IOFT?

We are open for all kind of buyers with an eye on unique handmade designs made in Germany. Each year we kindly welcome opticians, eye care center and fashion shop owner from all over the world. For us Tokyo is one of the most important fairs for the whole Asian economic zone, Australian buyers and more and more international clients.

Could we expect something new or different at your booth this year for the visitors to enjoy?

A new eyewear season is always associated with a new campaign, new motivation and lots of ambitious expectations. The general "frost" corporate identity will be the same as last year. This especially makes sense because it helps the people to find our booth easily. The booth design and decoration will similarly change just to show there's something new and to tease the opticians for our new products.

Ooo, sounds exciting!
Ok, last question…could we get a message from you to the lovely readers of IOFT NEWS?

Dear Visitors, please don't miss this amazing opportunity to dive into the fantastic world of "frost". Find out more about the design intensions and technical innovations behind our two unique and German handmade frame collections.
Meet me, Marion Frost the designer and talk to my husband and CEO Páris Frost daily at our booth. Be there or be squared!

Contacts of our sales Representatives:
Mrs. Haruna Tanai / +81 90 90171641 /
Mr. Seiji Kozawa /

Frost’s e-Guidebook page >> CLICK HERE 

Thank you Páris and Marion.
I look forward to meeting you in 2 weeks at IOFT!!

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 Written and edited by Ena Masui, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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