Wednesday, 21 September 2011

[Vol.10] VISIONIZE–Newly Launched Japanese Official Sales Agent of Major International Company in Italy, Marcolin, will exhibit at IOFT 2011!

Now, we have less than 1 month until IOFT. Countdown has just started!
Buyers as well as exhibitors are supposed to start their final preparation for the show.

Today, we have special news to announce. As lots of new companies have decided to exhibit IOFT, this time, we feature a first time exhibitor we’ve been waiting for a long time.

                                             famous brands are lined up~
Mr. Steven Medeiros, Representative Director,VISIONIZE

Interviewer: Haruka, International PR, IOFT Show Management.

Haruka (IOFT):
Then, please introduce your company.
Mr. Medeiros (VISIONIZE):
Our company was newly established in Japan in 2011 as an official sales agent of Italian company, Marcolin.
The company name comes from “VISION” and “NIZE=vary or realize”. We named it with wishes that we want to create more opportunities to express fashion mode or one’s identity in our information oriented society where “seeing” or “knowing” is considered important. In addition, we wish that eyewear which is still regarded as a tool of orthoptics or protecting eyesight will be popularized as not only fashion item, but also essential item in our daily life. We’d like to play a part in leading eyewear industry with other eyewear brands and manufactures.

We also hope that more and more consumers feel eyewear familiar to them, as eyewear can be a weapon as a fashion item. At the same time, we have to appeal eyewear to people much more which can make people stylish, beautiful and correct eyesight.  

Mr. Medeiros:
I think so. By the way, we’re handling following brands:

All of them are famous and fashionable brands. We have received a number of voices from eyewear shops that they have been waiting VISIONIZE to exhibit and we quite agree with them
Well, could you tell us the reason for exhibiting at IOFT 2011?

Mr. Medeiros:
It would be nice that people can feel the values of Marcolin or each brand and we can make our brands popular by exhibiting at IOFT. For that, we will introduce many products with good taste and quality. Above all, we think IOFT is a good opportunity for us as a new agent to greet all participants.

Also, we’d like to obtain useful information there such as what is important for eyewear industry by grasping the latest mode of eyewear brands throughout the world.

A lot of buyers not only from all over Japan, but also from each Asian countries visit IOFT. From various points of view, IOFT would be a great opportunity to have business meetings as well as to absorb information on Japanese as well as Asian eyewear markets of the present day.
Please make the best use of this opportunity.

Well, you are handling many brands, aren’t you?
Could you please introduce some brands which will be exhibited at IOFT 2011?

Mr. Medeiros:
First, this is a model DSQUARED2. (model: DQ5051)

This model is a kind of wellington glasses which remind the nostalgic front of college glasses. The combination of this front and contrastive sharp and modern temple makes the glasses interesting.

I see. The front looks retro and deep. However, when looking at side, a logo on the temple exquisitely goes well with the front and seems to be cutting edge. The model will give different impressions depend on fashion.

Mr. Medeiros:
Secondly, let us introduce JG5012 from John Galliano.

This is a model used as a season’s image. Being different from avant-garde image of the brand, the model has a standard square with vintage color.

It has quite unique color. The model seems to be nostalgic. On the other hand, it creates a sophisticated image thanks to the shape of lenses which are not too big.

Mr. Medeiros:
Third brand is a well-known brand, SWAROVSKI. (model: SW5006)

The model has a symbolic design for SWAROVSKI as faceted crystals are used as a part of its frame. While the frame looks gorgeous, we feel very comfortable wearing the model.

Wow, It’s a logo of SWAROVSKI. The black frame set off the crystals well and the model looks really elegant!

Mr. Medeiros:
Thanks! Then, I’ll show you the forth brand, TOD’S. (model: TO5024)

The model has a rather thick rim with beautiful color gradation. It is a symbolic design for high quality and elegant brand, TOD’S.
The model has timeless design and will fit any style.

The model has a simple and thick frame, but at the same time, it has really beautiful gradation color. I think, the model must suit intellectual business style and casual style as well.

Mr. Medeiros:
Finally, I’ll introduce TOM FORD. (model: TF5224)

Most notable eyewear design in this year is “Cat Frame” and the frame originated in this model. It’s not too much to say that this frame is the best frame of TOM FORD that has always bold design with rich quality.

I wanted to try “Car Frame”. With this comfortable color, we can change our impression completely and use as one of our favorite glasses.
It‘s so amazing that all of your models represent strong fashionability. We can’t decide which to choose.
Are you going to exhibit more glasses at the site, aren’t you?

Mr. Medeiros:
Of course. We hope all buyers will like them!
We’d like to meet a lot of people during the show anyway.
Beside, we’ll do our best to popularize eyewear in Japan more and more, tying up with Marcolin which is excellent in designability and branding.

If you make an appointment with us during the show, please contact:
Contact toShibuya, Yamaguchi, Okabayashi, Kajiwara, Hashimoto (Mr./Ms.)
TEL:03-5772-7362  FAX03-6804-3653

Thank you, Mr. Medeiros! It would be nice that consumers will enjoy eyewear as an item of fashion much more. Buyers must look forward to seeing your eyewear.
We hope you’ll have a great outcome through meeting lots of buyers during the show.

[Editor’s Note]
This time, we introduced a new exhibitor VISIONIZE (the official sales agent of Marcolin in Japan), that is one of the special news for IOFT 2011. Their booth will be filled with enthusiastic buyers, as they handle various fashionable brands. We’re so excited, just imagining the scene.
Next time, we’ll feature exhibitors who have any eyewear related product.
Don’t miss it!

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