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[Vol.9] Long Awaited New Exhibit Area is Launched! ”tide – The IOFT Int’l Designers” –Vol. 2-

Following last edition, we’ll feature designers of “tide –The IOFT Int’l Designers- “ today.
So excited to see their great colors

First, let’s us introduce the eyewear made of new material, “recycled paper”.
Mr. Simon Chim, Principal Designer, Simon Says Concepts Ltd.
Eyewear Brand 「chimmm」HP:
Simon Chim HP  

Interviewer:Haruka, International PR, IOFT Show Management 

Haruka(IOFT Show Management):
First, could you please introduce your brand ?

[Mr. Chim]
Mr. Chim (Simon Says Concepts Ltd.):
Simon Says Concepts is a company known for interior design and home decoration products. I’m not only the principal designer but also design and produce very special clear Resin Products that are supplied to concepts stores, department store, hotels and exclusive venue all over the world since 2001. The first sunglasses collection chimmm…… was launched at Silmo Paris in 2009.

So the Resin Products will be the key exhibit at IOFT2011?

Mr. Chim:
That’s right. We recycle used papers and produce new materials or products. Most of you will probably imagine that we break the papers into small pieces, dissolve and process them. But look at the glasses carefully. Can you see the original print left on them?

This is a technique that coats papers with multiple and protective layers. That means we use papers just as they were. This technique can only be achieved by hand.

Everything only by hand work! I feel overwhelmed. The technique is really essential for this Recycle Paper Frames.

Mr. Chim:
Then, let’s check each pair of glasses very carefully. Can you see patterns made up of papers which you might see everyday such as magazines, newspapers and comic books etc.


[PRF text 05}

Being aware that millions of tons of waste paper are burned or buried, my heart was broken, seeing all these colorful materials and creative works are destroyed. I want to prolong the life of these materials so that we can appreciate the effort behind each for a longer time. As a result, the frames made of recycled paper are created.

I see. This is really effective way of recycling. I would be excited if the frame is made of a comic book I used to read in childhood.

Mr. Chim:
During IOFT 2011, we will also launch an interesting exhibit “Recycle Paper Professional Hall of Frames” .100 professional individuals are invited to participate. All of their frames will be personalized and to be tailor made in this projects. For example,
medical chart for doctors, manuscript of comics for cartoonists and so on. We will produce frames by utilizing unique papers used in special business field.

That sounds interesting. Even if we can’t see the participants directly, their faces will come to mind through the eyewear. Can’t wait to see them!

We would like to extend our market to Japan and believe that IOFT is the best platform to showcase and deliver our unique design concepts to the Japanese market. Also, we expect to attract Japanese buyers and not only in the eyewear industry but also in fashion as well as individual corporate brands.

So, If you’re the buyer and want to make an appointment with us, please mail to:

We look forward to see you all!

We’re so excited to see the special project only at IOFT. Thank you, Mr. Chim!

Okay, move to the next exhibitor.

The revolutionary brand is established 2009 in Denmark and won various design awards in eyewear industry.

MONOQOOL is famous for spiral hinge and I think industry professionals must know the brand. But, I’m surprised to hear that it’s founded just in 2009. It’s quite new brand, isn’t it?

[Mr. Hagihara]
Yes, it is. MONOQOOL is founded in 2009 by two Danes who have lived in Japan for long time. In fact, both of them entered eyewear industry from different business, interior industry. What’s more, a designer, Ms. Karina Mencke of tools design, also comes from different industry. That’s why they could think different outside the stereotypes. After that, they launched their first eyewear collection for all over the world in spring 2010.

Also, thanks to experienced engineers in Sabae in Japan, MONOQOOL was able to commercialize their design. As a result, in spring 2010, we won “best of the best” as a top category of “red dot design award” in Germany, which is one of the most authoritative design awards. What surprising is that “iPad” of Apple won another award at this time. After that, we also won “Most innovative eyewear collection 2010” in ”The Spectacle Showcase” in USA.

Well, I was surprised when I saw HELIX Collection at first time. It’s pretty new and so amazing!

Thank you. We’ve exhibited at IOFT since we debuted and this year, we will exhibit for third time. MONOQOOL is a quite new brand which has gone on the Japanese market for year and a half, though. We think IOFT is the most effective opportunity to make our brand popular. Of course, we know the enormous effect of being featured by mass media, however, we’d like people to touch and see our products directly to know real excellence of our products. So please come to our booth and see actual product on the site.

Well, we can’t know the essential qualities of the products until we see them directly. We must visit your booth!
Then, please introduce new products for this year.

First, let me introduce a familiar one HELIX Collection.

The frames have no screw bolts or welding and it have won various awards. Also, new colors and model will be added to the collection which obtained a patent.

Next is HELIX NXT Collection.

These frames are bulletproof and very light and the lenses are made from NXT used as a window of American helicopter. The front of glasses is just 5g in weight and is free from crack. You will definitely feel comfortable with these frames. They are designed by tools design, too.

You can’t miss the model “Photo Chromatic” which front color changes from light gray at indoors into dark gray at outdoors.

Look at the video movie!

Then, we’ll introduce new works.
First, this is HELIX PEN (provisional name).
It has a totally new temple.New temple with decorativeness such as sheet metal is added to the usual 1mm temple.The glasses become more fashionable as the innovative spiral structure is kept as it is.
I’m sorry, we can’t show you the collection, because we don’t have a picture yet. But please visit our booth!

Let’s move to next new collection PIANO Collection.
Different from HELIX, prototype of new innovative “PIANO Collection” will be launched.It is suitable for MONOQOOL which always produce innovative eyewear.
We’re now working on prototype, so we don’t have pictures of it. We look forward to seeing you at booth.

You have variety of collections! Especially for the two of new collections, we’re really interested in what a new technique is used.

The collections have full of surprising structures which connect front and temple by rotating the temple or fix lenses by taking off a nose pad.
Come and see the collection created by collaboration of sophisticated Danish design and experienced engineers in Sabae.

If you want to make an appointment during the show, please contact to
Kentaro Hagihara (Mr.)

This year, we’re going to exhibit sunglass collection, so we look forward to see also buyers from apparel industry.

Thank you very much, Mr. Hagihara. Your brand will surely attract various buyers’ attention.

Finally, we’ll introduce a brand led by a German genius which carried out a revolution with sheet metal.
Mr. Lai, PR, ic! berlin japan

Please introduce ic! Berlin.

Mr. Lai (ic! berlin japan):
[Mr. Lai]
 In 1996, Ic! berlin was found in Berlin in Germany. At the beginning, we produced glasses by using new medical industrial stainless in 0.5mm thin, what is called “sheet metal”. The model had a great deal of attention for strong and flexibility of the stainless, lightness of frame weighing just about 10g and its original screwless hinge which is the logo of ic! berlin. Because of these special features, it won various awards at SILMO, the largest eyewear exhibition in France, in 1998.
By original hinge, we can disassemble and assemble all the parts of the glasses without using any tool like a puzzle ring. ic! berlin grab eyewear fans from all over the world with its novel design, high quality like “100% hand-made in Berlin” and comfortable feeling when wearing.

We’ll feel absolutely comfortable when hinges fit into each other very smoothly with bit of physical resistance. As everybody has known the brand ic! berlin at IOFT, are you going to exhibit at tide this year, aren’t you?

Mr. Lai:
ic! berlin exhibits at IOFT almost every year and we requested Show Management to launch a new edgy area like tide where overseas designers’ brands are gathered. This time, the area we exactly expected is launched as tide, so we decided to exhibit at the area without hesitation. We hope the area will create a free atmosphere which overseas exhibitions such as Silmo or Mido do and IOFT didn’t have before, as tide is special area where overseas brands are gathered under one roof.

Every year, we make new findings in your new products and are surprised.
How about this year?

Mr. Lai:
Most of new works for this season are not so gaudy, but we’ll release a lot of elegant and user-friendliness models like “edelweiss” which is made embossing and was on sale this spring. Hope you’ll like them!


I think most of the readers want to know more about the models, but we have to wait until the show!

Mr. Lai:
I’m glad to hear that.
ic! berlin is an eyewear brand as well as platform to share a culture of ic! berlin. We’d like to share the culture by exhibiting at such a large exhibition like IOFT. We’re going to prepare yummy foods and drinks on the theme of “o”ic! berlin” (oic=oishi=delicious), at our booth as last year, so please come and join us!

Nice foods and eyewear. I bet your booth must be filled with buyers.

Mr. Lai:
I hope so. If you want to make an appointment with us, please contact to
ic! berlin japan
tel: 03 6804 2064
mail: japan@ic!

We’d like to see not only buyers from eyewear shops but also from other industries and people who don’t know about ic! berlin. We’re looking forward to seeing you.

[Editor’s Note]
This time, we featured overseas designers at tide as last time, MONOQOOL and Simon Says Concepts which entered eyewear industry from different business industries and ic! berlin which has been highlighted with sheet metal and now become very popular.
All of them took in new method and techniques and inspire eyewear industry with those new ideas. A pair of glasses is actually crammed with surprisingly various techniques. Every year, we make new findings with joy as we walk around inside IOFT.
We hope, you’ll have such a lovely meeting this year as well!

Written & Edited by Haruka Miyata, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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