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[Vol.7] A Voice From First Time Exhibitor ~RAINCOAT CO., LTD~, IOFT 2011

Hello everyone! It’s already September and signs of autumn begin to appear. Now, just 1 month left until IOFT.
From now until the show, we will upload fruitful information for visitors, mainly highlights of exhibitors, as much as possible. Stay tuned with us.

This time, we will introduce a first time exhibitor who is fully prepared for IOFT and filled with positive expectation to develop their business in Japan as well as in Asia.

Their thick and rockstyle frames are cool and popular among people!



Interviewer: Haruka, PR Department at IOFT Show Management.

Haruka (IOFT):
Thank you for exhibiting at IOFT. Please introduce your brand to the IOFT NEWS readers.

Mr. Morisaki (RAINCOAT CO., LTD):
“59HYSTERIC” is a brand we have kept in our mind for two years since we drafted. Finally, we launched it last year. Its concept is “Admiration for unsuccessful geniuses lived sad lives” and the brand peruses vintage-classic-style as a theme “giving new attraction to old items”. The number “60” has an image of “perfect” like 1minute= 60 seconds or 1 hour = 60 minutes. We express the weakness of inexact and imperfect human being unlike the time in a number “59” which is 60 minus 1 and incorporate the idea into brand’s name. A message of the brand’s title “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE?” is carved on the temple and that gives eyewear philosophical element. We hope you’ll be attached to the totally new eyewear.

The brand’s concept is very firm and easy to understand, as it is kept in your mind for as long as two years. People may ask themselves about the message carved on the temple, wearing the eyewear. It will change our sense of value for eyewear and definitely attract our interest.
By the way, what makes you to exhibit at IOFT?

Mr. Morisaki:
We’d like to advertise our brand to people as much as possible by exhibiting at IOFT which is one of the largest exhibitions in Asia and to appeal Japanese eyewear to the world.
Also, we think that exhibiting at IOFT will give us a great opportunity to meet new customers, since we are dealing with limited number of existent customers.

Thank you very much. To come up to your expectations, the preparation for the show is progressing steadily to welcome numbers of buyers. So, don’t worry!

We’d like to meet buyers from all over the world who are interested in our brand’s concept. Besides, we welcome buyers who can be our overseas agent. In fact, some of buyers have contacted us and we look forward to seeing them on the site.

Have you already some inquiries? We should check out your brand! Could you introduce us the eyewear which will be exhibited at IOFT?

We will exhibit all the models of “59HYSTERIC”. To meet the brand’s concept, we give each model name of geniuses in various fields who lived sad lives. It will be nice if you‘ll like not only glasses themselves but also the genius person.

Also, the design appeals Japanese high technology by being particular about details. We use seven hinges for almost all plastic frame models. In addition, we produce high-grade sense by carving the words on the frame and make up for a fault that the words will disappear while using the glasses for long time. In case of metal frames, printing words by a laser brings the same effect.
Then, we‘ll introduce representative models.

First, let’s have a look at a plastic frame.

Name of the Frame: "HIDE"
HIDE was one of the great guitarists we Japanese peopled are proud of. A characteristic of this model is a thick brow line. People say that the model is also cool when they use it as sunglasses.

Then, let’s move to a metal frame.

Name of the Frame: "HEMINGWAY"
HEMINGWAY is an American novelist and poet who won the Novel prize. The characteristic of the model is classical round shaped lenses. It reminds us the good old days.
Shape memory alloy is used as a material of the temple and you must feel comfortable when wearing the glasses.

Besides, we will exhibit 2012 model of sunglass “59HYSTERIC ~ Series of傷念~” which debuts at IOFT.

Name of the Frame: "IMAI"
Mr. IMAI is the founder of eyewear brand “Less than human”. We named the model for his memorial.
The words “傷念” is printed on the lenses.
Please come to our booth and see directly our models.

Eyewear fans not only in Japan but also in all over the world cannot wait to see that eyewear.

Mr. Morisaki:
As I said before, we’re looking forward to having business meetings and trading with as much buyers in Japan as possible. IOFT is a valuable opportunity to appeal our brand to the world and we also expect that we could trade with buyers who could be our overseas agent. We also look forward to see other industrial professionals and promote mutual friendship.

Thank you, Mr.Morisaki

[Editor’s Note]
First, we introduced a first time exhibitor RAINCOAT CO., LTD.
Every year, we often hear that the first time exhibitors exhibited at IOFT with great expectations and after the show, some of them could join the big brands at once. We hope RAINCOAT CO., LTD. will have great outcome at IOFT, too.
Next time, we will feature new exhibit area inside IOFT. The area has already been in the news in various business circles. So, we’re looking forward to announce the area. See you next time!

Written & Edited by Haruka Miyata, International PR, IOFT Show Management

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